Friday, 20 April 2018

Grasshopper App by Google for Free JavaScript Tutorials Online | Google Creates Grasshopper App to Teach Coding on Mobile
Grasshopper App by Google for Free JavaScript Tutorials Online | Google Creates Grasshopper App to Teach Coding on Mobile : Accessing JavaScript programming tutorials online to learn free coding techniques is the desire of most of the students all over the world. Employees of Google has considered the issue seriously and launched an app named 'Grasshopper' which will be made available completely for free inside the google play store as well as iOS platforms too for instant download. Free Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence platform online was also launched earlier by Google itself with the name Learn with Google AI. However, a group of Google employees who are licensed to participate in the company's 'Area 120 internal incubator' have proudly released this free mobile app for both Android and iOS platforms to learn the step by step coding tutorials. Students often find the programming harder enough to grab the secrets involved behind the idea of coding and they ultimately fail to achieve the free coding tutorials to teach them the programming secrets in an easy to understand manner. Google's group of employees analysed and researched about this burning issue behind which most of the talented students are crushed upon. Students have the abilities to grab the tutorials to learn the coding secrets but due to the poor economical condition as well as lack of the best programming tutors in most of the places, they ultimately fail to gain the desired coding skills.
Learn free coding with Google's Grasshopper app

Sunday, 15 April 2018

Youtube to MP3 Songs Free Download Techniques-Complete Guide | Youtube Video to MP3 Converter Online
Youtube to MP3 Songs Free Download | Youtube Video to MP3 Converter Online : Youtube is one of the most popular online video watching platform by Google which is gaining worldwide popularity continuously. It provides users to watch the contents as videos already uploaded by the  concerned channel owners. However, Youtube does not provides an environment to listen the video contents in MP3 format and following the same most of the best available online websites and software are there to help people listen the extracted MP3 from the uploaded video files. Complete details regarding downloading MP3 from Youtube videos is explained in the upcoming paragraphs. Moreover, Youtube serves a wider category of videos from it's huge video database in front of us to watch them online without any problem. The current edge is the edge of digitization and the faster internet access makes the users comfortable for gaining access to almost all the category of videos and watch them comfortably online with this environment. No matter whether the video is related to movies, magic, celebrities, technology, animals, news or something else, each and every category of videos are being continuously uploaded in the Youtube by the concerned channel owners all over the world. Talking about the entertainment industry, prior to the complete release of any of the movies concerned with Hollywood or Bollywood or some others, their movie trailers, video songs or the action scenes are firstly released over the Youtube for instant access all over the world. On the basis of the video views, likes and subscribers, their popularity among the people is decided. People all over the world are provided with a facility to create a Youtube channel in the environment and upload their videos regularly. Continuous uploading of the videos increases the number of views and subscribers of the concerned channel and accordingly the channel starts gaining worldwide popularity. Videos uploaded in the environment are governed by the terms and conditions of the Youtube and if anyone found violating them, an instant action is taken by the administrative team which finally results in suspension of the concerned Youtube channel. 
Youtube video to MP3 converter online -

Thursday, 5 April 2018

Best buy feature rich mobile phone comparison among Nokia 6 (2018), Redmi Note 5 Pro and Honor 7X in 2018
Best buy feature rich mobile phone comparison among Nokia 6 (2018), Redmi Note 5 Pro and Honor 7X in 2018 : Purchasing a best featured smartphone with maximum configuration under a reasonable price is the dream of all the people planning to buy a smartphone in the near future. In the year 2018, most of the global brands including Nokia, Redmi and Honor have introduced their latest smartphone models by the names Nokia 6 (2018), Xiomi Redmi Note 5 and Honor 7X smartphones which are best featured as well as affordable too. There exists a majority of people who opts to go for such a mobile phone which is affordable under their budget with best specifications. Talking about the population interested to go for a feature rich smartphone under minimum budget, there exists a vast majority of people who are underpaid and students also. Managing a huge sum of amount to purchase a gadget in the form of featured smartphone is of course their dream but they often try to look forward to any such opportunity which promotes them to buy their desired device of a world reputed brand under their budget. Those were the days when keeping merely a Java enabled mobile phone was a sign of repute for the students. Even highly paid professionals also felt themselves proud to have a mobile phone in their coat's pocket. But, the days have already changed and a storm of IT based revolution have created such an environment where even small children have the concepts to operate high end smartphones with equipped latest technologies. The requirements of even primary class school students are also extremely higher where without the use of high end android or iOS based software, there education cannot get a right path towards success. Thus, keeping up of the feature rich smartphones has become a trend for the students as well as for the working professionals too. Operating system under the smartphones still matters but the demand of Android enabled smartphone is obviously higher in comparison to Apple all over the world following it's best user interface and other several features which are top rated all over the world.   
Best smartphones 2018-Nokia 6 (2018) vs Xiomi Redmi Note 5 Pro vs Honor 7X Comparison

Sunday, 1 April 2018

Latest update by Google - Use Google Maps Offline for Navigation | Google Maps Offline
Google Maps now available offline for Android and iOS devices | Steps to use Google Maps navigation offline without internet : Google Map is one of the easiest and most wanted features of smartphones for easiest navigation processes all over the world. Google generally use to regularly update and modify it's already existed features for better usability and user's feedback. Few days ago, Learn with Google platform has also been introduced by Google for free learning of the concepts concerned with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Till now, this Google Map feature was available with us via online mode using internet connection only and not at all via offline medium. But, Google has updated this widely used Google map feature to have access of the maps for proper navigation without being online. It is for the information that the Google Map helps to switch on the location feature already provided inside our smartphones to navigate the things comfortably. This feature has become one of the best choices for the people all around the world as the same has been included as a habit for the youths using smartphones to carry out their daily activities. Both the Android as well as the iOS users have access to this feature provided by Google to smartly navigate the desired location with the help of area's maps. Switching on the navigation system using the Google Maps, one can easily locate the exact place of any area. Google provides us an environment of perfectly locating any area's identification very easily with the help of it's map feature. The map for any desired area is provided to us by the means of the satellite systems located in the space which are handled by Google to provide the users with this rich set of feature. Now-a-days, there are most of the examples which are totally dependent upon the navigation systems in the form of Google Maps to carry out their businesses very easily.
Google Maps Offline Available For Navigation
Famous cab service providers including Ola, Uber and several other biggest company's businesses are carried out with the help Google's navigation systems. The users from an initial stage of booking the cab, going on all the way up to the final destination and finally doing the payment to the cab driver for the total journey done are effectively carried out only with the help of Google Map navigation system. Persons without having a smartphone and without having the knowledge of operating the specific cab apps inside their smartphones can never avail the services provided by the cab company providers. In addition to the sole dependency of the cab companies, there are several other businesses being run by the help of using Google Maps as the backbone of their businesses. Internet connection was as yet an important requirement for the people interested to navigate the location with the help of Google Maps. For both the android as well as the iOS users, it was required to have a good speed internet connection for quicker and smarter navigation processes. Without having a good internet connection speed in the smartphone, it was really very difficult to get the exact location timely for perfectly navigating the desired area. Failing to this support, bandwidth related problematic issues will use to arise continuously leaving us in the middle of nowhere. As a solution to all such problematic situations, Google is now back with a bang again to provide this feature in offline mode. No more internet connections will be required on the go to navigate the area. This feature provided by Google is considered as an upgrade to it's already available service in the form of Google Map. With this offline mode feature of Google Maps by Google, anyone can easily download the map of any area as per the requirement and later on navigate and explore the same without having an internet connection i.e. in the offline mode. The detailed process of downloading the maps offline is extremely easy to understand without any issues. The process will work similar both for the Android as well as the iOS users and both the users can avail this offline mode service very easily for fastest navigation even on the go.
Google Maps Available Offline
Google's Latest Update Regarding Google Maps

Steps to download and use Google Maps offline by iOS users for iPhone and iPad

  1. Open the Google Maps app either for iPhone or iPad whichever required.
  2. Connect the device to the internet and sign in to the Google Maps service.
  3. Start for a new search, type the name of the any desired place or city (example - Mumbai).
  4. Tap exactly the name of the address or city to be searched at the bottom for downloading.
  5. Select the Download offline map to download the map offline for getting it used as a medium of navigation in the future even without an internet connection.

Steps to download and use Google Maps offline on Android based devices

  1. Open the Google Maps app on the android based device. The device may be either smartphone, tablet or other devices supporting android operating system.
  2. Connect the device to the internet before initiating further processes.
  3. Start for a new search and type the name of the any desired address, place or city (example - Ranchi).
  4. At the bottom, tap the place or address to be searched and then download the map.
  5. In case of searching for a place like 'Coffee Shops', tap More and then start to download the map of the tapped place.
After downloading the desired map, keep it in the smartphone for future uses. In case of visiting the desired place or address without an internet connection in the device, just open the Google Maps in the device as usual. Without finding the device with an internet connection or with a very slow internet speed, Google will fetch the already downloaded map in the offline mode and will help us to navigate the place perfectly without any problem. This is one of the best updates by Google which will prove itself extremely beneficial for the people all around the globe. College going as well as school going students along with the working professionals too will get extremely benefited with this update as they will be able to download the desired map with the help of free Wi-Fi or other similar free internet connection providing zone and will use it in the future as and when required. 
Great job Google ! People all over the world are lucky to survive in an IT based environment supervised, monitored and frankly to say 'dominated' by you. Thanks a lot for your continuous involvement and support towards the mankind with honest attitude.

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Wednesday, 28 March 2018

VoLTE | VoLTE Technology | Working of VoLTE Technology | Benefits of VoLTE Based Call Over 4G Network
VoLTE | VoLTE Technology | Working of VoLTE Technology | Benefits of VoLTE Based Call Over 4G Network : VoLTE refers to Voice Over Long Term Evolution or Voice Over LTE. VoLTE technology is extremely beneficial for calling facilities over 4G networks for a high quality HD voice call. In general, advancements in the field of technology, particularly in the field of telecom related developments are carried out keeping in view the data transfer speeds. More the technical advancements and developments done in the field of data transfer rates inside any specified network, more will be the internet speed and accordingly more users will be attracted following the same. It is also to be understood that the data transfer rates in the sense of internet browsing speeds only matters whatever the networks may be, either 3G, 4G and so on. The continuous advancements in the data transfer speeds has yet mostly been done only keeping in view the high speed internet facilities. Voice related calls i.e. the development in the quality of voice calls has not been interrelated along with such developments.
HD voice calls over 4G networks with VoLTE
Following the same, if we use to do any voice calls even with 4G enabled smartphones with 4G networks, they use to travel with the speeds of 2G or 3G networks. In most of the cases, voice calls uses 2G level of technology to get carried towards the voice receiver of another end. The poor quality voice calls or the continuous call drops in between the voice calls therefore generally takes place even in the high end 4G enabled smartphones. VoLTE technology overcomes this big problem which is mostly encountered now-a-days with most of the smartphones. This VoLTE technology i.e. Voice Over Long Term Evolution technology is basically a voice over 4G network which helps the smartphones to carry the voice calls over 4G networks with best voice quality matching the level of 4G data transfer rates. 

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

List of Top 20 Best Ways on Self-Employment Online Opportunities From Home | Top 20 Best Ways for Work and Earn Online
List of Top 20 Best Ways on Self-Employment Online Opportunities From Home | Top 20 Best Ways for Work and Earn Online Online money making techniques with the help of several freelancing websites are one of the best ways of self-employment online opportunities from home which have been in trend since last few years following it's various benefits including flexible work schedules, self deciding up of the concerned freelance project fees, handling up of the overseas projects and earning the handsome sum of the amounts in foreign currencies, selecting the project as per the ability etc. This is the reason of selecting up of the freelance jobs by most of the skilled youths of various countries globally. Following the rapid inclination regarding the freelance jobs by the youths all over the world, I have prepared the list of top 20 best online and freelancing jobs for a safe and secured future ahead.

Monday, 5 March 2018

Learn with Google AI - Free Training of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence by Google
Learn with Google AI - Free Training of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence by Google : Keeping in view the latest beneficial advancement in the trending cutting edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) related concepts, Tech Giant Google has arrived along with a website in the form of a learning platform by the name 'Learn with Google AI'. Google has come up with 'Learn with Google AI' platform with an ambition to educate the persons globally regarding the conceptual and learning secrets involved under the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning skills. Google along with several other renowned IT and Software companies are already utilizing the benefits of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning related concepts. Following an ambition to spread  the awareness of this warm cutting edge technology among the persons to get them well aware about the benefits and secrets, this IT giant Google has taken an initiative in the form of an educating website to spread the knowledge all over the world free of cost. The platform by the name 'Learn with Google AI' has been made equipped with free educational and teaching resources developed by Machine Learning (ML) experts of the company. Google believed in the fact that any form of education will be a secret until and unless it can openly be disclosed in front of the people. There also exists several online certification courses provided by Google for the welfare and better learning of the concepts by the people all around the world. Talking about the topic for which the discussion is going on in this post, it can undoubtedly be mentioned that any of the technology which we are utilizing now-a-days including feature rich android smartphones, 4G technology, video calling facility and so on would have yet been a secret if it has not been openly presented in front of the people like us to get them utilized for the sake of simplicity and for the sake of benefits of the mankind.

Sunday, 4 March 2018

Top 5 Best Educational Learning Android Apps For CBSE Examinations in 2018
Top 5 Best Educational Learning Android Apps For CBSE Examinations in 2018 :
One of the most awaited CBSE examinations for class 10th and 12th are already going on in the current month of March, 2018. CBSE exams for the students all over the country is considered an extremely crucial period of their life upon which the entire future depends. Making an  identity by securing a nice percentage of marks is the target of the school students following which they try to perform their level best with complete dedication and awareness. But, the extraordinary performance is noticed by only a few number of students in the schools. Majority of the students fails to achieve their target of getting best marks because of not following the smart strategy. The tensed situation for the students even force their parents too to get inside the well of panic conditions thinking about their children's future. This examination is as much important for the CBSE students as that of the ground floor pillar of a multi story apartment. If the ground floor pillar will not be made strong enough to carry the load of it's top floor, the entire apartment can get vanished within a fraction of seconds. Similar is the case with the CBSE examination appearing students of class 10th and 12th in the sense that if an eye catching and unique percentage of marks will not be attained by the students, their dream of studying a descent subject in reputed educational institutions will not be fulfilled and ultimately the predetermined target will be destroyed. Expectations always hurts but in the case of all such examinations, not only the students but even their parents as well as family members too have a lot of expectations.

Thursday, 1 March 2018

Positive attitude makes you a successful entrepreneur | Being a successful entrepreneur
Positive attitude makes you a successful entrepreneur to lead the world positively | Being a successful entrepreneur Building up of a golden and stable career as an entrepreneur is the dream of almost all the students all over the world pursuing various courses at several levels. They have a desire to shape up their individual careers working at a reputed designation at a renowned organization after completing their education. Similar case exists with their parents also who utilize their entire potential to give their children best quality education and do not even think to compromise with their careers. It does not matter whether they are economically sound or not but a strong desire to satisfy their feel of responsibility forces them to do all those essential stuffs needed to make their children’s career bright and accordingly all their suitable steps use to take place one after the other.

Sunday, 25 February 2018

Process to complete Paytm KYC verification online | Paytm KYC online update with Aadhar
Process to complete Paytm KYC verification online from home | Paytm KYC online update with Aadhar : Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has issued an advisory regarding KYC verification of all the UPI apps in the form of e-wallets including Paytm, Mobikwik, PhonePe etc by February 28th, 2018. The advisory has been issued by RBI following the directives by Government of India to avoid fraudulent activities. As we all know that these e-wallets have now-a-days become a part of our routine transaction activities including mobile recharge, online shopping, money transfer (wallet to wallet), money transfer (wallet to bank and vice versa) and other several transaction related activities. Paytm is one of the most widely used UPI apps in the smartphones of almost all the Indian citizens who prefer digital transaction activities in comparison to the physical transaction. Wallets have taken the form of e-wallets whose entire activities can simply be performed via an app inside our smartphones. Money is directly transferred to these e-wallets by the concerned customer via their bank accounts simply by adding few details about the customer's account. Transaction is extremely secured and encrypted and hence the transaction related activities can be even be considered more safer in comparison to physical transaction activities.