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List of Top 20 Best Ways on Self-Employment Online Opportunities From Home | Top 20 Best Ways for Work and Earn Online

List of Top 20 Best Ways on Self-Employment Online Opportunities From Home | Top 20 Best Ways for Work and Earn Online Online money making techniques with the help of several freelancing websites are one of the best ways of self-employment online opportunities from home which have been in trend since last few years following it's various benefits including flexible work schedules, self deciding up of the concerned freelance project fees, handling up of the overseas projects and earning the handsome sum of the amounts in foreign currencies, selecting the project as per the ability etc. This is the reason of selecting up of the freelance jobs by most of the skilled youths of various countries globally. Following the rapid inclination regarding the freelance jobs by the youths all over the world, I have prepared the list of top 20 best online and freelancing jobs for a safe and secured future ahead.
The following list of subheadings up to 20 different bullet points are the best ways to earn money online with a stable source of income from the comfort of home :- 
Top 20 best ways to make money online from home
List of Top 20 Best Ways on How To Make Money Online From Home

  • Online Freelancing Projects for Globally Reputed Websites

Freelancing is now-a-days becoming a trend for individuals who are searching for jobs or even for the persons who are already employed or self employed somewhere. This is because freelancing has become a trend for the person of all age groups which develops a feel of Entrepreneurship and the works listed on such platforms can be done either part time or full time. Several freelancing platforms are there in the form of websites which are made globally accessible for the persons around the globe. Using all such freelancing platforms, anyone who is skilled in any particular area can sell his service for a fixed amount. All of us who are looking for jobs with handsome payment along with the ease and comfort of our home finally switch over to the reputed freelancing platforms and sell our services to the clients all over the world. There are buyers as well as sellers in such platforms. Buyers are actually the employers or entrepreneurs who hire the services being sold by us for a fixed amount on these freelancing websites. Sellers are the persons who sell their skills to work over a particular project listed on these websites. Sellers and Buyers have to sign up on the website differently to start their freelancing journey.
All of us all over the world are blessed with some sort of skills in which we are really good at. The skills are most of the times directly proportional to the studies we have done and some of the times it is related to our in born talent and hobby. Freelancing technology provides us a platform to get paid in lieu of our skills. The problem in which most of the youths lags behind is finding out the genuine and legitimate websites to sell our services for money. Most of the times, most of the youths get trapped by the internet frauds who demands heavy money as registration charges for providing them the works and finally they feel themselves cheated and go away. They even make a negative impression regarding the online earning techniques and feel that no such techniques or ways are there and internet is the field of frauds. However, this is not exactly true. Most of the persons around the globe are earning to such an extent via freelancing platforms that they are generating even lakhs of dollars per month. The one and only technique which works is in depth research over the legit platforms and extreme dedication to the assigned work for maximum earnings. Some of the well reputed freelancing portals chosen by the people all over the world are, and All of these are totally free to join, starting work as per the provided category and generating instant revenues for the allotted works.

  • Selling Your Service on is one of the trusted freelancing website existing in the world of internet where the sellers like us have to submit our Gigs i.e Proposal for the project on the website. After signing up as seller on, several individual work categories are seen listed on the website. Each and every work categories on the website contains several assignments or projects to be done by the sellers. Time duration along with the required skills, deadline of the project to be submitted, employer details and the amount to be paid after work completion is also made available on this website. Anyone who is skilled in any particular field can sell his service on this website for initial amount of 5$ because this amount is the minimum payment to be done by the registered employers (Buyers) to the sellers. This amount further gets increased for the sellers after the successful work completions and increased credit ratings. Listed works are the basic projects which can be done within a week or even within few days. After successful submission of the work and getting the payments, the seller submits another Gig and start working. Sellers can even work on several Gigs together if hired by the concerned employer. Depending upon the seller’s particular interest, the appropriate category is chosen and accordingly the listed work assignment on that particular work category is viewed by the seller. Finally, the Gig is needed to be submitted by the sellers in interest of that particular work for the targeted buyers. As soon as the buyers see the Gig submitted by the seller, immediately a message is sent to hire the employee for the work project. Seller starts working on that project and as and when the work is completed and submitted, the amount is credited to the seller’s account as mentioned in the website.
Top 20 best ways on online self-employment opportunities
Most of the people all over the globe are earning infinitely using because the money making opportunity is really unlimited here. The payment is guaranteed via this working platform and it is sent soon after the work submission using reputed paying platforms such as Payoneer, Paypal, Payza etc. Sellers have to create an account on any of these platforms and link their individual bank accounts. As soon as the money is credited on the account in foreign currencies, immediately these revenue portals automatically transfers the said amount of money to the linked bank account. As soon as the sellers start gaining credits by their quality works submitted, they start building a reputation on the employer’s eyes and much more +works with more handsome payments are offered to the sellers and finally a seller’s empire is built on this portal. So, go ahead and get started creating an account as seller, chose your category, submit your Gig accordingly and start earning money. Good luck.

  • Working on Upwork and Freelancer for Reputed Projects

As discussed above, Freelancing is one of the best ways considered to generate a flexible, regular, descent and handsome income for the people who want their skills to get utilized globally. Such income generation platform develops a feel of satisfaction for the individuals when they get assignments after submitting their individual proposals. Similar to the above discussed point as in, and also provides a freelancing work environment where the individuals interested to work as freelancer signs up initially and proceed as per the provided interface.
Both the freelancing websites provides users to browse through the list of available jobs in the portal and submit a proposal to the employer as per the matched profile. Initially, the user sign up, creates his eye catching profile, uploads photograph, verifies the e-mail address and contact number as per the provided instructions, browse through the list of available categories and submits the proposal along with a nicely drafted cover letter along with the desired attachments such as sample works etc. As soon as the employer views the proposal and find it suitable for the allotted work, a message of proposal acceptance is sent via the portal to the job seeker and the work is finally submitted by the worker to the employer after the defined time period. During the course, he may even communicate to discuss some queries or other related issues. Despite of all these assistance, a dedicated customer care is also there who communicates with the worker via e-mail or even video calls as desired. Soon after the work successful work submission, the payment is sent to the worker’s account details and star credit (1-star to 5-star) rating is also provided which increases the reputation of the worker in the portal and he start getting much more expensive work assignments. Earning opportunity is infinite and sky is only the limit for the dedicated workers of all such freelancing platforms.

  • Online Data Entry Jobs

Data entry based jobs are one of the easiest jobs ever which can be done by any individual having merely a little bit of computer operating knowledge. Such jobs do not require any technical expertise. Most of the people all round the globe are making a descent regular income by doing data entry for several renowned platforms. Data entry can be further categorized into several sub categories such as document typing jobs, form filling jobs etc. Scammers are everywhere in this specific type of job because there are a majority of people seeking this job at any cost. However, some reputed freelancing platforms are there such as Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr etc which offers such jobs to the skilled individuals and pays handsomely for this. An important initiative launched by Govt of India with the name Data entry experts at such reputed platforms are hired per project or even per hour at descent payouts. Workers are paid an eye catching salary figure ranging from $10 to $1000 and even much more depending upon the length and type of the project. Other several websites concerning to such projects are there but the users need to check them individually and should not pay even a single penny for registration. It has been noticed that the websites demanding amount as registration charges are mostly fake and do not exist at all physically. The renowned platforms as being discussed in the book continuously have their honest existence and are declared fully reliable all round the globe.

  • Online Content Writing Jobs

Online article and content writing jobs are considered best for the people who have passion to write more and more about their selected category. Such jobs require strong writing skills with strong command over grammatical issues. The websites offering such type of jobs desires a strong writing skill within a limited time frame with highest level of accuracy and to the point conversation about the topic. SEO friendly articles about the topic is desired by the site administrators as they further utilize such articles to rank their websites on the basis of contents in the renowned search engines. Writers are paid a handsome sum of amount who regularly writes regular freelance articles and contents for specific websites. Several websites are there which offers such writing assignments to the writers all around the globe and as and when the concerned content is accepted, the writer is paid the previously quoted sum of amount in his bank account details. There is another genuine website which offers real time writing jobs to the content writers all around the world in various categories.
Job seekers can do such works part time or even full time as per their convenience. Most of the people are earning their living doing such content writing jobs at the given writing platforms. The users simply need to sign up and start doing their works as per the given instructions. Some of the websites even conduct a small online test before hiring the employee for their writing projects. Earning opportunities are infinite in such writing assignments. Content writers are offered with more and more assignments soon after the successful submission of the projects via these websites.

  • Online Captcha Typing and Solving Jobs

Almost all of us are now-a-days aware with captcha and these are the second last destination to submit any of the forms online. Until and unless the captcha is not solved correctly by the concerned user, the form is not considered finally submitted by the server. Captcha is a type of challenge response test used in computing technology to test whether the person sitting in front of computer is a human or not. Keeping in view the increasing demand of captcha in the field of Information Technology, the organizations such as, etc are offering captcha typing jobs to the workers all around the world. They generally use to pay the amount ranging from 1$ or even more per 1000 correct entry of captcha in their database. In addition to these, the famous freelancing platform discussed previously also offers captcha solving jobs and pays a nice sum of amount to the typists. More the entry of correct captcha done by the worker, more sum of amounts can be earned without any problematic issues. Earning limit is infinite and sky is the only limit for hard workers. The individuals with a passion to type more and more correct captchas can opt for such type of jobs and earn infinitely without having any special knowledge on specific topic. Without any technical skills required, such captcha entry jobs are becoming popular day by day for good earning opportunity by all age group people everywhere in the world.

  • Selling Photographs Online

Selling up of the self clicked photographs online is another best ways considered to generate a handsome income online. The individuals who are passionate to click pleasant and appealing photographs can chose this specific field of online earning. The activity does not require any expertise or degrees in the field of photography. The one and only one requirement is having a keen desire to become an online photographer being associated with some of the well known photography platforms such as Shutterstock etc. These two specific websites are considered as the most valuable assets in the field of photography using which most of the individuals have made their careers utilizing the importance of interactive features listed there. Users are required to simply sign up and follow the procedures mentioned in the website including the submission of some of the sample clicks to their portal. They will examine the photographs sent in terms of its quality and accordingly think over the sense of photography of the individual. Soon after the selection of the candidate, the portal will allow and demand from him more photographs as per the requirements and will be paid accordingly. The photographer will keep on sending the photographs at regular basis and will be more and more popular in the in views of the selectors and will accordingly keep on earning handsomely.

  • Listening Music & Earning Money Online

Music listening is the passion of most of us in the world, so what would be the scene if we even get paid to listen music online? Yes, you all have heard right. You all will definitely get paid to hear music sent to you by the website. After a few seconds, the music can be stopped and another music track in the queue needs to be played. Soon after stopping the music after a given time duration as mentioned in the website, the said handsome amount is credited to our accounts page in the portal. After crossing through a deadline of the amounts such as 50$ or 100$ in our accounts section of the website, we can transfer the said amount to our bank account without any problematic issues. So, more we listen to the music, more revenues can be generated without any limits. Two of the websites in this field are and . The people interested to make their hobby of listening songs online a regular income source can definitely go with these websites and start their individual works to earn a handsome sum of money regularly.

  • Shortening Links to Earn Money Online

URL shortening is one of the best and easiest ways to make money online. No any technical skills are required to shorten the web URLs to earn money. There are several websites all over the world providing URL shortening service. Individuals are required to sign up by entering all their details with their website to make a profile. After that, they are required to copy and paste the desired long length URLs into the website to get it shortened. After shortening, it is essential for the users to share the shortened URL link as much as possible to earn more money consistently. More the link shared, more will be the earning of the individuals. The concept works on the principle of making the people click on the shortened link as much as possible. As and when the people will click on the shortened link shared, immediately an advertisement (probably for 5-10 second) will be displayed to the viewer.Soon after the advertisement, the actual content of the link will be displayed and the amount will be added to the user’s account in his profile.Almost of all these websites pays the amount to the viewer per 1000 views.The amount may range from 1$ to 5$ per thousand views or even much more depending upon the website. In such a way, anyone can earn more than his expectations by easily sharing the link and getting more and more views. Once shared, it is not difficult to generate the views as it happens automatically and the user has not to worry at all. It only needs to be shared in proper places such as social medias etc to generate more and more views. Some of the well reputed websites working in this field and paying handsome payouts regularly are,, etc.  

  • Online Surveys for Easy Money Online

Online surveys are considered a suitable and legitimate source of earning money online in the spare time.Audience all over the internet are targeted by the companies performing online surveys. Online surveys are a form of questionnaire created as web forms with a database to gather the answers from their targeted audience. Companies generally use online surveys to get an in-depth understanding of their customer’s opinion on any specific issue. The companies often sometimes want to gain a feedback on some products launched by their side. The feedbacks or the opinions are presented in the form of web forms in via some of the survey providing companies to their specific customers. For customers to gain access to all such online surveys, they are initially required to sign up with all such websites providing surveys. Soon after completing the fixed number of surveys and submitting them successfully, the individuals are get paid via pre determined payment mediums in the form of Paypal cash, Reward points, Shopping vouchers etc.  Websites such as Swagbucks, Toluna, Valued Opinions are the most genuine platforms all over the world providing legit online surveys without any registration fees.

  • Micro Worker Jobs with Reputed Organizations

Micro works are considered one of the best suitable ways to earn money online by spending our few minutes. A lot of people use love working from home enjoys doing micro jobs for most of the websites, apps and companies. Micro jobs are basically a very small one time job to be completed for a fixed sum of money which varies depending upon the work criteria and category.  Micro jobs can be anything such as translating a small paragraph, tagging a photograph to our profile in social media, designing a quick logo, typing few sentences or paragraph as per the formats provided, transcribing an audio file or an interview etc. Having an operating knowledge of computers and internet are sufficient enough to do the micro jobs frequently.One of the best known website for providing micro jobs online is Amazon Mechanical Turk (mTurk) in which the users are required to sign in with the existing Amazon account or have to create a fresh account and finally apply for getting the suitable micro jobs by Amazon. After the approval of the application, micro jobs are shown listed on the website as Hits. Each and every individual works are available as hits which needs to be completed for more and more earnings. Fixed sum of small amounts are mentioned along with the Hits available and are credited as soon as the user completes and submits the work successfully. More the Hits solved successfully, more will be the earnings of the concerned user. Genuine and reputed websites offering Micro jobs free of cost are Amazon Mechanical Turk, Clickworker, Fancyhands, Fiverr, Upwork etc.

  • Earn with PTC Websites Online

PTC is referred to be as Paid to Click i.e. the PTC sites allows the individuals to get paid by clicking on the advertisement and viewing them for a fixed time interval. A time interval of 15 to 30 seconds is given to view the provided advertisements and accordingly the people get paid. There are a plenty of PTC websites where people can get paid for viewing the Ads and performing very simple tasks. Full time single PTC site worker can expect a sum of 100 $ to 500 $ per month depending upon the site’s global reputation. More sum of money can be expected if more PTC sites can be joined concurrently and start doing the work. Some of the well established and globally reputed websites performing at their level best in this field are Clixsense, Neobux, Paidverts etc.

  • Drop-shipping Business for Handsome Online Income

Drop Shipping is one of the beneficial and successful businesses to be done online with basically no investment needed. The Drop Shipping business works on the idea of creating an online store with various lists of products. Techno savvy people can create such store themselves utilizing their small bit of technical expertise. Instead, the same procedures can only simply be monitored with complete control over the inventory inflows/outflows by making the website developed with an expert. After getting products listed on the website, if a customer comes showing his interest on any particular product and places an order, then the system will forward the order to the manufacturer who will ship the ordered product to the customer. No any inventory is needed and yet the entire process can be automated for handsome revenue benefits.Successful strategy and future planning always works in this business for quickest output. The strategy of creating a Shopify store with products imported from Aliexpress has always been a descent strategy for most of the successful people in drop shipping business. Earning opportunity is infinite and sky is the limit for the successful entrepreneurs working in this field.

  • Getting Paid for Tweeting

Almost all of us are well aware of one of the most famous social networking website “Twitter”.  If someone loves staying on Twitter and posting interesting and trending tweets, it can generate instant money.But, the money generation formula using Twitter works only for those individuals having a huge number of followers from some of the well developed countries such as USA, UK, Canada, Australia etc. Twitter is not going to make an individual millionaire but it acts as a good way to generate revenues during the course of time. The money we will make will fully depend on the demographics of our followers and niche. For example, if any individual is a network marketer with lakhs of followers and mostly from the countries like UK, USA, Canada, Australia etc then there is an extremely more chance that we can get paid a handsome sum of amount by most of the network marketing companies per sponsored tweet. The biggest benefit of this method is that we don’t need to invest even a single penny and neither there is a need of any technical set up.

  • Being a Youtube Creator to Generate Passive Income

Utilizing our passion to become a Youtube creator is considered another way to earn money online. First of all, we have to create our Youtube channel, set up the entire channel settings including channel monetization. Depending upon the content of the channel along with the number of views and subscribers, the earning of the individual depends. Youtube displays the relevant Advertisement as per the video content and the creators are paid accordingly. Creators have to do continuous struggle in his channel by posting quality video contents maintaining the exact video quality using a licensed video editor preferably. Views finally depend upon the video quality which will come from the high end software which supports each and every built in features. Creators are therefore required to be highly skilled in video editing related knowledge and must have command over such high end video editing softwares.Bad quality video contents will and poor editing will not attract the visitors to our channel leading in the downfall of the channel. As per the Google policies, only self created contents are needed to be posted otherwise Strikes will be start coming continuously resulting in the channel demonetization.

  • Being a Website Developer/ Web Architect

Being a professional Website developer/ Web architect is considered another one of the best ways to utilize our passion by sharing skills in any specific domain. Specific domain refers to the field of expertise in which one can prepare and share the skills by blogging about the concerned topic. A person who is well versed in the several threads concerned with web development related topics can undoubtedly earn a handsome sum of amount being a Website developer/ Web architect. The must have skills includes knowledge of any Content Management System (CMS) along with expertise in web based programming environment, Digital Marketing related concepts such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for instant ranking in the search engines, frequency in writing up useful contents about any specific topic, designing up of the interactive interface, optimizing the website using several available features, graphic designing including logos etc. A deep dedication and interest is needed to be a Website developer/ Web architect as it requires time as well as design and contents to be consistently posted for making an identity. Techno savvy individuals with interest in web development as well as content writing can opt for blogging as a career but it definitely takes time to get an identity because there are most of us like in this world who are blogging to earn a living. The individuals who even do not have any technical expertise can get their website developed with the professionals available. But, it is recommended to have an understanding of the technical concepts as well as to be fluent in concerned content writing related skills for better understanding and optimization. Several online tutorials and videos are available to understand the core concepts and become an expert in this field to earn a living from this technique.

  • Online Software Development for Online Income

Software development is considered a reliable and profitable way for techno friendly persons having technical expertise to earn to descent amount of income. Proficiency in coding along with knowledge of programming languages such as C++, Java, .NET, PHP etc is desired for the persons willing to build a career as a software developer.  One of the simplest ways to monetize and accordingly earn revenue from it includes the software promotion in the own website. More the software will be promoted, more will be its demand among the people and more revenues will be generated accordingly.     

  • Using Cashpirate for Online Income

Cashpirate is an important android app available in google play store. The app offers small tasks to be completed by us. After completing the given tasks, we can earn points which can further be redeemed for real cash and even gift cards. After downloading the app from Google play and registering our e-mail address, we will have to complete any of the available offers as per our desire. There are offers as well as available tips of the day. The majority of the tasks available on Cashpirate app involve the works such as downloading other free apps,  playing free games, watching ads or promotional videos. We need to accumulate at least 2500 coins before we can redeem them effectively for cash rewards or available gift coupons. This app also offers an excellent referral system using which we can invite other persons using our referral code. After every successful invite, we will receive 10% of referral coins and 5% of all coins for any of our referrals.

  • Using Receipthog to Earn Money Online

Receipthog app is available in the Android play store and iTunes. The main concept of earning works on the principle of scanning and uploading our purchased receipts in the app. It is one of the easiest and coolest app available to earn handsome money online without even doing any specific hard work. We can take the pictures of receipt and upload it instantly in the app even when we are out of station. All such activities help us to earn coins within the app which can be redeemed for cash anytime in the future. After downloading the app from iTunes or Google play store, we will have to take the pictures of our receipts from any store, mall, restaurant or cafĂ©. After that, we will earn several rewards such as coins, spins etc which can be redeemed via Paypal or Amazon gift cards. However, it is extremely shocking for us to understand that why companies are paying us for uploading the receipts. Well, the companies are interested to know that what and how the consumers are purchasing the products in order to refine their marketing strategy. Thus, being a member of this app, we are indirectly participating in the market research procedures which could influence future products and strategies. iBotta is another similar app to increase our earnings with almost identical procedures.  

  • Unlocking Android Smartphone for Online Money

Smartphones have become a part of our daily life. Almost all of us are using smartphones for voice calls, video calls, surfing net, chats etc. It is also obvious that we use to unlock our smartphone several times throughout the day. So, it will definitely be a pleasure for us to get paid by unlocking our smartphones each and every time. It is one of the easiest explained ways to earn money and most of the apps have been launched which actually gives us points which can later be redeemed for cash, amazon gift cards and discount coupons. Some of the apps which can be used by for getting money in such an easy way are Fronto, Slidejoy, Perkscreen etc. Most of these apps will display an advertisement, image, video or an article on the locked screen of our smartphone. Whenever we watch it and swipe accordingly, we can earn points which can further be redeemed for cash. It is one of the unbelievable ways to earn money but it is absolutely true. However, one of the limitation lies in the fact that all these apps are available only for the Android mobile phones and one must have an Android phone to proceed for entire procedures to earn real money online.

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