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DigiLocker-Digital India Scheme For Cloud Based Document Management System | Go Paperless with Digilocker

Digilocker App under Digital India Scheme by Indian Govt
DigiLocker-Digital India Scheme For Cloud Based Document Management System | Go Paperless with Digilocker : Digilocker is an initiative taken by the Government of India under Digital India scheme to promote an era of digitization under the country and to make the citizens aware of the positive sides of digitization in India. The initiative can be thought of an eradication to the already existed physical activities done instead of being digital.The future vision of being paperless by the Indian government is the main motto behind the development and deployment of this Digilocker software system all over the country. Digilocker is basically an online document management system software which is also available as an app in Google Play Store of Android based smartphones to immediately and instantly get access to the important digital documents stored on the cloud based storage system of this software.  
Digital Locker Digilocker
Digilocker is a kind of digital awareness and has made it easier for the people all over the country who were using their paper documents to carry out their individual tasks. As yet, it was extremely difficult for the people who were forced to carry their paper documents physically during driving their bikes or cars or even during applying for any specific job where a lot of physical documents were required along with the job application. It was a really troublesome task for the people as all these formalities required a lot of time along with extreme concentration. During the case of driving the car or bike, till date, it was extremely essential to carry the the driving license as well as the RC to avoid getting fined by the traffic cops of the city. Similarly, in the case of applying to any particular job where a lot of our educational documents were required to be sent along with application, the introduction Digilocker app as made it extremely easy in the sense that all such documents issuing organizations including Ministry of Road, Transport and Highways, UIDAI, CBSE to name a few who have already got registered with this Digilocker app under Digital India scheme by the Indian Government and thus they have accordingly accepted to the terms of sharing the digitally signed documents to the people all over the country to get them presented as and when required. Some of the organizations as discussed have already been enrolled and most of them are still in process to get enrolled in the near future under this Digital India scheme to serve their individual digital documents for the welfare of the people all over the country along with a kind vision of being paperless. Such an approach is extremely beneficial for the environment too as the trees which were being cut off for paper production related activities all over the country can now be considered safe after introduction of this revolutionary technology providing a cloud based document management system to the people all over the country to store and access the digital documents anytime and anywhere as per the people's convenience with an internet connection in the smartphone to access the cloud system of this Digilocker software.
How to use Digilocker

Procedure to Access and Use Digilocker Website or Digilocker App

  1. Open the browser and type the official website of the Digilocker (, press enter and follow the steps as given via the upcoming points. In case of the Digilocker mobile app too, open the installed app and perform the next steps.
  2. Sign up with the system to get a dedicated cloud storage for all the required digital documents.
  3. Enter the mobile number in the space provided to receive the OTP.
  4. Verify the received OTP and set the username and password in the next step.
  5. Click on Sign up.
  6. Enter the Aadhar number.
  7. Click on use OTP.
  8. Click continue tab to receive the OTP in the mobile number registered with Aadhar.
  9. In case of not having the Aadhar number, click on Continue Here link to get access to the options. People may also enter their Aadhar number later on using the option to fill up Aadhar number and verify via OTP.
  10. After successfully entering the Aadhar and verifying the same via OTP, people can access their dashboard and verify their e-mail too if desired.
  11. At the top right corner, Profile, Account settings and Log out options will be displayed.
  12. In case of the people having no any Aadhar number, they may click on Profile option, enter their Aadhar number later on and make it verified via OTP.
  13. Finally, the Aadhar will get linked to the Digilocker app to access the documents digitally.

Options Available After Successful Linking of Aadhar with Digilocker 

  1. Dashboard - To instantly access the options available for the people in Digilocker.
  2. Issued documents - To get access to the documents already issued by the registered organizations of Digilocker to the beneficiaries.
  3. Uploaded documents - This option displays the list of documents uploaded by the people to get a digital copy by the registered organizations.
  4. Shared documents - Displays the list of documents shared by the people in various social medias.
  5. Issuers - All the registered organizations with Digilocker software system.
  6. Activity - Displays our total activity done in the Digilocker platform.
  7. Partners - Displays the list of organizations associated with the Digilocker platform to issue digitally signed documents to the people. 
All the registered organizations under the Digilocker can easily send the copies of the various digital documents of the people directly inside their digital lockers available as a cloud based storage provided by the software system which can further be used by them as and when required in lieu of the physical documents. All these digitally provided documents are fully authenticated via the available Aadhar number of the people and hence are acceptable anywhere by any of the concerned official. Example of few such digital documents may include Driving License, School Certificates, Voter ID etc to name a few. The legacy documents of the citizens can also be uploaded in the platform to get them digitally signed.
Go digital with Digilocker

Benefits of Digilocker document management software system

  1. Completely authenticated and digitally signed digital documents can easily be accessed anytime and anywhere as and when required for getting used. The documents can even be shared using the platform via various social media applications.
  2. The system is extremely convenient as well as time saving with an assurance of accuracy.
  3. The initiative by the government of being paperless in the upcoming future is being obediently followed by this cloud based software system where each and every approach is inclined towards making the system digital and thus paperless too.
  4. The approach is beneficial towards the goodwill of the environment because of the fact that all the digital approach will be totally paperless and thus the system will prove itself extremely helpful to save the trees and make our environment healthy to survive.
  5. Only the registered issuers have been given the authority to issue the digital documents to the people registered via Aadhar number into this platform and therefore it is very much easier to validate the authenticity of the digital documents. 
  6. The self uploaded documents in the Digilocker platform can easily be electronically signed by the use of e-sign facility provided.

Technology Associated With Digilocker Software System 

  1. Repository : The stored digital documents i.e. e-documents reflected by the standard APIs for getting instant real time access as well as in a secured manner.
  2. Access Gateway : The digital documents of the requesting people can easily be accessed with the secured online mechanism from several platform repositories instantly in a real time environment by the use of Uniform Resource Indicator (URI).
  3. Digilocker Portal : It is a cloud based storage space made available to each and every registered persons inside the platform to store their digital documents with extreme encrypted security which is finally linked to individual's Aadhar for getting instant access of the digital documents.     

Partners of Digilocker Cloud Based Document Management System

  1. Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, Govt. of India for providing digital vouchers to the people registered with the platform.
  2. UIDAI, Govt. of India for providing the Aadhar card in a digital format.
  3. Ministry of Road, Transport and Highways for issuing the Driving License (DL) and RC in a digital format.
  4. Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) for providing access to the people related to the PAN verification records.
  5. CBSE, CISCE and MEB are also registered with the Digilocker platform for proving the digital certificates to the people requesting for the same via the platform.
The Digilocker software system is also available as a downloadable app in the Google Play Store under the Android platform which can instantly be downloaded and used by following the details as mentioned in the article. For all its services, the system uses its own cloud based storage system which is also made available to its registered users to store their digital documents in the cloud space provided. It is really an amazing approach by Digital India scheme towards making the country digitized as well as paperless in the upcoming future.         

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