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Facebook likely to introduce Downvote feature in US with Android smartphones

Facebook Downvote Feature
Facebook likely to introduce 'Downvote' feature in US with Android smartphones: Facebook is likely to introduce one of the most demanded feature Downvote in the Facebook platform initially with Android smartphones in the United States (US). This Downvote feature of the Facebook can closely be considered equivalent to the 'Dislike' feature but it is not exactly the same as the dislike feature. As per an acknowledgement last week by the Facebook spokesperson, The Downvote feature has been aimed initially to target only 5% of US users with Android smartphones in their hand. The feature may also be accessed and used by the limited US citizens in the Facebook app installed in their Android platform. It is obvious that only a small number of Facebook pages can adopt this newly launched feature of downvoting in the US.
Facebook to launch downvote with Android in US
After the successful testing of this newly launched feature of Downvote by Facebook, the feature may also be expanded further targeting much more percentage of citizens all over the world. Alongside the Like and Reply buttons which are already existing the Facebook platform, this newly launched button will appear as the third choice to be opted by the Facebook users. As per the official announcement done by the Facebook spokesperson, soon after tapping the Downvote button, 3 options will appear in front of the users which are as follows:
  1. Offensive :- Users can report to Facebook about any offensive content found on the concerned Facebook page for immediate actions to be taken by the Facebook team after investigating about the content.
  2. Misleading :- Facebook users can report about the misleading content to Facebook organization for suitable action after needful operations about the content on the page.
  3. Off topic :- Off topic are often considered as spam contents because they are not targeted about the topic of the concerned Facebook page and hence are often not enjoyed by the viewers of the Facebook. The users after encountering such content can accordingly report to the Facebook complaint receiving officials to get such contents erased or to get the concerned Facebook page owner a needful warning.
All the downvoted comments will be hidden from the view meaning thereby that the concerned page owner will not be able to identify that which of the user has downvoted his post. But, the report will be received by the Facebook authorities for immediate action to be taken on urgent basis. The main reason behind the hiding up of the downvoted comment is that the Facebook does never wanted such a kind of dislike type environment in this platform but owing to the continuous feedback and demands, this middle way in the form of 'Downvote' is being initially test to get implemented successfully without any negative impact on the platform. A lot of Facebook pages exists all over the world which contains the posts of multiple types. Instead, most of the pages owners use to get diverted from their concerned topic and start spamming their contents which is ultimately not beneficial for the betterment of the Facebook's user experience. Such an option will definitely prove itself worthy for keeping the environment safe and sound with respect to the user's experience.
Facebook Downvote option in FB Page
Facebook CEO, Mark Zukerberg in 2014, during a Question and Answer session openly expressed his feeling of not implementing any Dislike button in the environment in future. He believed on his users who use Facebook to improve his/her social media experience and therefore he exposed his thought of not having any kind of such an option in the Facebook environment in future. Based on the words of Facebook CEO on that session in the year 2014, the introduction of Downvote option will not play any negative impact on the post's or comment's ranking, instead, only the necessary feedback submitted by the users about the post will be received by the Facebook team to judge whether the submitted feedback is genuine or not. The feature is assumed to prove extremely worthy for the goodwill of the environment to get it expanded all over the world very son with more beneficial updates. It is to be noted that the feature of downvoting has been made popular by Reditt following which Facebook is also willing to test the feature for the betterment of it's environment.

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