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Positive attitude makes you a successful entrepreneur | Being a successful entrepreneur

Positive attitude makes you a successful entrepreneur to lead the world positively | Being a successful entrepreneur Building up of a golden and stable career as an entrepreneur is the dream of almost all the students all over the world pursuing various courses at several levels. They have a desire to shape up their individual careers working at a reputed designation at a renowned organization after completing their education. Similar case exists with their parents also who utilize their entire potential to give their children best quality education and do not even think to compromise with their careers. It does not matter whether they are economically sound or not but a strong desire to satisfy their feel of responsibility forces them to do all those essential stuffs needed to make their children’s career bright and accordingly all their suitable steps use to take place one after the other.
Positive attitude makes you a successful entrepreneur
Following such similar goal in their mind, they use to target the top quality schools at their children’s childhood and as the time passes away, better colleges and universities with evergreen job oriented subjects are targeted by them and accordingly suggested to opt by their children. I personally believe that almost all the students (who all are their parent’s sweetheart) do not at all pretend to be responsible but they are in fact responsible to the beliefs of their parents. They also want their parent’s dreams to be fulfilled and try their level best to perform nicely at their examinations to score the top level marks and separate themselves from the gathering. However, after the result declaration, only few students perform as per the expectations of their parents and teachers and most of them get defeated in the race. This continuation continues at all the levels whether in schools, colleges or universities and continuously only few students catches the eyes and most among them lags behind.
What about the rest? Who thinks about them and their careers? Particularly in our country, as yet merits are determined by studying in top level educational institutions and getting a full time private job in some renowned private companies. The key criteria for judging a student’s capability unfortunately is still only getting a five figure salary at an initial stage just after their degrees via campus placement. No one talks about entrepreneurship and self building skills. Students in most of the cases are bound to work and exploit themselves in the private firms in order to return their parent’s educational loans and similar stuffs borrowed on their behalf. A fake feel of ego satisfaction continuously burns inside their parents’ heart and their children continuously gets inside the dark depth of several problematic situations. Unscheduled working hours and continuous illegal work pressures takes the form of severe deadly diseases and a huge mass have been reported to get under the knot of depression.
Successful Entrepreneur
What is this? Is this the way to work and is this the only thing remained in our mentality to satisfy our ego at a base which is totally baseless? Maximum percentage of population all over the world have gone through such problematic situation and reached to such an extent where troubleshooting up of the problems is waste and does not exists at all. If only handful of people will feel themselves successful in their careers, what about the others? Secondly, are those people really successful even by earning handsome salaries in their hand at the month’s beginning? If everybody will start working as an employee in private organizations, how will the feel of entrepreneurship be developed among the masses all around? My main motto of discussing all such stuffs leading to unsatisfactory and depressed lifestyle is to move the masses towards the digitization edge through which all of us are going on. What is the need to work under pressure with a tensed lifestyle and invite the diseases to get inside us? Why not the masses all over understand the potential of entrepreneurship and utilize their individual potential understanding the self building career opportunities involved in the field of digital technology? A feel of being an entrepreneur fulfills us with lots of confidence with a freedom to work without pressure and earn infinitely. There does not exist any boss and hectic schedule, instead the persons involved in their individual stuffs as entrepreneur enjoys their life because they entertain their work. Whenever our passion becomes our work and accordingly the income source generates, our life becomes heaven. A feel of positive attitude develops inside us to live more and more of our life. We all have already heard about the master blaster Sachin Tendulkar who is a well known cricketer from India and famous all over the world because of his mastery in the game of cricket. Well known cricket icons respect his style of playing cricket only because whenever he played any of the matches, he enjoyed playing the game. Cricket was only his love and he always showed his deep dedication towards it and ultimately he got all those honor and respect with countless records.
Similar is the case with most of us living an unsatisfied life style. We all want our money come to us by the way we want and not by working for some others in a tensed environment. We want to live and enjoy our life at its level best being an entrepreneur at our desired level. So, what’s the difficulty my dear friends? Everything is inside our hands as utilizing our skills to become entrepreneur only matters in this edge of digitization.  Vision has changed where people only salutes the rising stars and their chief criteria of judging any individual’s success is the minimum time period taken to make maximum amount of money by that individual. Go ahead and tell the world, you too can do what the other entrepreneurs have done. We would have not seen Facebook and Apple like biggest organizations if Mark Zukerberg and Steve Jobs have not left their jobs to become an entrepreneur to establish their self owned organizations who are a name of brand in today’s world.

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