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NEET 2021: Success Tips, Syllabus, What’s New & Focus Areas

The responsibility of successfully conducting NEET 2019 has been given to National Testing Agency (NTA) as per the directives released by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) on March 31st, 2018. The directive instructed NTA to completely take over the reign of all the entrance examinations in India is conducted by CBSE.
NEET 2019: Success Tips, Syllabus, What’s New & Focus Areas

NEET 2019 is scheduled to be held on May 5th, 2019 putting the world once again besotted by the examination phenomenon. Aspirants are busy with their complete preparatory notes, textbooks, guides, night studies, and memorizing formulae for quickest answering attempts. Even the experts, NEET educators, and toppers suggests having a standard level of confidence, dedication, practice, revision, and proper time management to crack NEET 2019 conveniently.

Important focus areas to be kept in mind for NEET 2019:

Understanding the difficulties of expanded NEET 2019 syllabus, it is mandatory to understand it well for achieving the best and exceptional outputs. Let us have a brief understanding of the examination topics in NEET 2019.

The medical entrance examination under the name, NEET 2019 is divided into four sections including Physics, Chemistry, Botany, and Zoology.

Physics 180 marks - 45 questions
Chemistry 180 marks -  45 questions
Botany and Zoology (Biology) 360 marks - 90 questions.

A brief description of the syllabus topics and question covering areas in association with the above mentioned subjects in NEET 2019 are as follows:-

Physics: Thermodynamics, Mechanics, Optics, and Nuclear Physics

Chemistry: Periodic Table, Chemical Bonding, Coordination Chemistry,
Mole Concept, General Organic Chemistry.

Biology (Botany & Zoology): Genetics, Ecology, and Environment, Cell Biology; Morphology, Reproduction and Physiology of Plants and Animals; Basics of Biotechnology

Study tips for best preparation in NEET 2019:

Physics: As mentioned above, the Physics part comprises 45 questions in total in NEET 2019. While you attempt this part and come across a question you may find it difficult to immediately attempt. It is suggested to leave the question and go-ahead to attempt the one which can be answered with an enhanced level of confidence. The wrong attempts can lead to a negative marking of -1 creating darkness of frustration in the future. It is recommended to study the questions thoroughly and never get confused with the provided answer options. Always attempt the most accurate answer with confidence.

The most important topics that should be covered with quick revision in Physics subject are Kinematics, Newton’s Laws of Motion, Friction, Work Energy and Power, Circular motion, Waves, Simple Harmonic Motion, Waves, Current Electricity, Modern Physics, Kinetic Theory of Gases and Thermodynamics. Though questions from every part of the subjects are asked but these are the topics that need special focus for securing maximum marks in NEET 2019.

Chemistry: Chemistry subject is considered easy scoring and helps the students to score well in NEET examinations. Most important topics requiring special student’s focus are Electrochemistry, Atomic Structure & Periodic Properties, Chemical Bonding, Thermodynamics, coordination Compounds, General Organic Chemistry, Isomerism, Hydrocarbons, s-block and Hydrogen etc.  It is recommended to go through the study materials and revise the chapters thoroughly with having special attention on short answer questions in depth. Best preparation of the portions will result in maximum accuracy leading to a grand success in NEET 2019 exams.

Biology: Biology is obvious to be the joint combination of Botany and Zoology. NCERT books are the most preferred resources to study and prepare the best for NEET 2019. Questions have been noticed to get asked directly from the NCERT books in most of NEET examinations conducted in previous years.

The topics requiring extra attention in Botany part includes Genetics, Ecology, Plant Physiology and Plant Diversity for maximum scoring in NEET 2019 examinations. These are the major topics that are further sub divided into many chapters which must be gone through with utmost attention.

Zoology being the most favorite for NEET 2019 aspirants includes the chapters such as Human Reproduction and Reproductive Health, Human Physiology, Human Held diseases, Biotechnology & the Applications and Evolution and Bio-molecules. Additional chapters must also be studied but special focus is required on the given chapters.

Biology section is less time consuming and carries 50% of total marks in NEET 2019 examinations. Most of the students prefers to spend their time solving the numerical section of Physics and Chemistry and keeps lesser time for Biology section. This is feasible for few of the most prepared students but never for all.

Student must understand their stronger parts and capabilities to attempt the accurate answers for the questions asked in various subjects. Sometimes the question asks you to separate the incorrect statement out of the given options. Students read the first option, find it right and mark it without reading other options leading to major mistakes and negative markings. 

Expert tips for maximum scoring in NEET 2019:

Procurement of best study materials to secure exceptional marks as compared to other students. Proceeding towards the right direction with right guidance always opens the doors to success.

Preparation of best study plans and working systematically towards the weaker parts to make them strengthened. Appropriate time management lays a key role in this attempt.

Sufficient practice of mock papers for building the amazing level confidence. Confidence of the students will definitely matter once again in NEET 2019 which can get built up by solving the mock papers in plenty. 180 questions of mock papers must be completed without fail in 180 minutes for finishing the actual NEET 2019 paper in time.

Students must be equipped and sound enough to implement the best available technological tools. This includes frequent visit of the NEET 2019 supporting blogs, websites, social media, mobile applications, videos etc to name a few. 

Now-days, several mock test papers for NEET are available for sell online. World renowned e-commerce platform 'Amazon' is selling the stuffs with maximum student's demand. All-in-one mock test papers, NEET preparation guide 2019, speed tests, objective questions collection etc are among the few.

Students who prefer to prepare for NEET examinations from home with self study have also achieved success by reading these highly profitable online books.

All the books are available at different buying ranges from this authentic selling platform. Students can select the desired book as per their capabilities and start preparing with right guidance.

Let us have a look on the NEET preparation books for achieving sure success:
Along with the above listed brilliant series, there remains several other NEET preparation manuals, test series, speed test etc for sure success with the comfort of home. 


To cap it all, all the above mentioned sets of strategies will work only after keeping track of good health and sound sleep. It is recommended to be attentive towards the health and perform regular exercises and meditation. 'Sound mind in a sound body' is the most effective slogan in this respect which must be followed with dedication. Go through the explained studying strategies and come up with the maximum marks in the upcoming NEET 2019 examinations.
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