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Top 21 Highlighted Points of Financial Budget 2019 : Tax Relief for Income Up To Rs.5 Lakhs, Interest Income Up to Rs.40000 Made Tax Free & Many More
Top 21 Highlighted Points of Financial Budget 2019 : Tax Relief for Income Up To Rs.5 Lakhs, Interest Income Up to Rs.40000 Made Tax Free & Many More: Union Finance Minister Mr. Piyush Goyal presented the most awaited financial budget today on February 1st, 2019. Several amazing announcements have been done on the eve of budget presentation including tax relaxation benefits for the individuals having the annual income of 5 lakhs, increasing the interest range laid by the banks and post offices up to Rs.40000, Rs.6000 income for farmers etc to name a few.
Budget 2019 Highlights - Top 21 Best Points
Budget 2019 Highlights

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Top 10 Best Bollywood Movie Download Site Worth Trying
Top 10 Best Bollywood Movie Download Site Worth Trying: There resides a mass majority of people all over the world who love to watch Bollywood movies of all categories. Existence of wide majority of Indians all over the world is the basic and most important reasons being seen in terms of heavy public demand of the original Bollywood movies. Bollywood movies are the first love of all the Indians due to versatility seen in the acting talent of majority of actors. The keen desire of watching best bollywood movies using the best bollywood movie download site executes inside the Indian veins which even flows from generation to generation. We often wait eagerly every single Friday for the movie release and rush towards the cinema halls to watch the acting talent of our beloved superstars in the desired movies. 
best bollywood movie download site

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Awesome List of The Best Android Apps of All Time in 2018 | Free Mobile Apps Download from Android AppStore in 2018
Awesome List of The Best Android Apps of All Time in 2018 | Free Mobile Apps Download From AppStore in 2018 : The revolutionary dominance of Android OS having serious potentials in the form of availability of the best android apps is accepted all over the world.
Android enabled smartphones are now-a-days available with almost all the people worldwide ranging from a low income group persons to the billionaires. Even the children have also became frequent in operating the android enabled smartphones with hands on experience over the best android apps available inside the AppStore of Android. The continuous development of digitization to make each and every citizen completely aware of the technological advancements would have never been mattered if the support of Google with Android based smartphones have not been provided.
Comparing to the strong competitor Apple, Google always proceeded further and collaborated with several low range smartphones as well to make them equipped and installed with Android OS and thereby reflecting their open mentality to make the world mobile friendly with their unmatched supports. Following such grand support with versatile availability in most of the smartphones of different models, people matched their income levels and accordingly purchased the devices suitable for them and made themselves frequent enough in operating the android enabled smartphones along with the list of best android apps available inside the android play store often referred to be as the AppStore. Additionally, ways to speed up the android device needs to be understood so that the installation and accessing capabilities of the apps must be faster enough and efficient.

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Top 10 Best Features of IRCTC Website on E-Ticket Booking | Latest Offers on Train Ticket Booking by IRCTC Website
Top 10 Best Features of IRCTC Website on E-Ticket Booking | Latest Offers on Train Ticket Booking by IRCTC Website : IRCTC has launched the new and updated IRCTC website version for the convenience of frequent train travelling people who use to book e-ticket via IRCTC portal. The latest launch of the updated IRCTC website has been made updated with next generation e-ticketing system with much advanced and interactive user interface which has made the ticket booking process comparatively much more easier then the earlier launched website. Stuffs including the options placed under different menus provides a feel of convenience for the bookies which humbly forces them to leave the positive feedback for the website over the blogs, forums or even the video channels. The earlier launch of the website was tested in beta version in the month of May 2018 but soon after getting the continuous positive feedback about this IRCTC website from the users all over the country, Indian Railways finalized the process of launching up of this website in a full fledged version and accordingly it resulted to get in front of the users in the mid of June 2018. Several new and updated features has been introduced in this newly launched website giving relaxation to the train passengers while e-ticket booking via IRCTC.
The users will not be required to get an account inside the IRCTC updated website to do the essential train inquiry and seat arrangements as per their requirements. They will even be able to predict about the confirmation of their waiting e-ticket without logging inside the website. In addition to the mentioned updates about the website, there exists much more excitement about the updated features introduced in the newly launched booking portal.

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Best Apps To Watch FIFA World Cup 2018 | FIFA World Cup 2018 Live Streaming Apps
Best Apps To Watch FIFA World Cup 2018 | FIFA Football World Cup 2018 Live Streaming Apps : FIFA football world cup 2018 has already been started and the live streaming of the game is being watched all over the world via various mediums including TV as well as by utilizing the advent of technology with the help of various apps. The excitement to watch this great game of football is at the peak and the people of different countries all over the world have already scheduled their routine to watch every single second of this FIFA World Cup 2018 being held at Russia. TV channels including BBC and ITV as well are already broadcasting the live session of this football game so that the people all over the world can get an independent authority to watch the same managing their tight schedules. The game is obvious to be organized for a shortest time duration of 90 minutes having 45 minutes for each individual team.
The main reason behind the increased level of excitement of the persons lies behind this shortest time duration and accordingly the football lovers do not even imagine to leave the game even for a second as well. In this current edge of digitization and development in the edge technology, the digital edge has given birth to numerous mobile apps to watch FIFA football world cup 2018 anywhere with convenience. The apps have been developed to watch the live streaming of this great game of football with flexible timings. The apps are extremely awesome and have been developed both for Android as well as the iOS based platforms keeping in view the love and affection towards different platform lovers. People all over the world have 24*7 working schedules and such a tight schedule do not permits them to sit at their home with the family watch FIFA world cup 2018 peacefully on the TV sets. The use of apps (Android/ iOS) makes a kind of convenience for all such football lovers to watch the FIFA football world cup 2018 without any problems utilizing the developmental technology scenarios. Live streaming of the football world cup 2018 along with the scores and highlights can also be effectively presented in front of the viewers by the help of such mobile system friendly apps.
Best Apps to watch live streaming of FIFA Football World Cup 2018
FIFA World Cup 2018 - Best Apps for Live Streaming

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How to speed up android phone | How to make android phone run faster | Top 10 ways to speed up android phone
How to speed up android phone | How to make android phone run faster | Top 10 ways to speed up android phone : Android phones launched these days are highly speed targeted by the manufacturers and are packed with several built-in sets of features supporting the android device to run faster at any specific condition. High speed processors along with a super faster RAM helps the mobile phone devices to maintain an equilibrium in processing any particular task with dedicated super fast speed. Latest android versions integrated in the newly launched mobile phones also supports the devices to perform much better in speed as compared to the previously launched versions. Android phones are available to get purchased with greater internal memory supporting the device to store any amount of information in the form of texts, images, graphics, audios or even the videos as well inside itself without integration of any external memory cards. Android featured phones are also well known to be searched if lost by chance using the most famous Android device manager tool provided under the interface. Despite of all these fully loaded set of features in the latest android phones, most of them use to get slow down during the course of time. The main reason stands behind the slow down of the android mobile phone is that the phone often needs regular monitoring and cleaning functionalities which needs to be carried out by the owner of the android phone.
However, most of the people who are not at all tech savvy and are limited only up to calling and messaging kind of facilities often ignores the proper care of the phone. During the course of time, most of the junk files often gets stored in the phone memory in the form of cached data, meaningless files and waste folders which use to take a loot of phone's space which makes the device slow. Due to limited knowledge about increasing up the android phone's speed, most of the users who are not well aware of the proper ways to increase the speed often use to install some of the speed booster kinds of app from the play store and tries to clean to their device with one go. But, these apps does not prove themselves as much compatible as per the user's expectations and ultimately the speed of the android phone becomes worst even after their regular uses.
How to speed up android phone

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Baba Ramdev's Patanjali Launched Kimbho Messaging App to Beat Whatsapp | Launch of Kimbho - Desi Messaging App after Patanjali SIM by Baba Ramdev
Baba Ramdev Launched Kimbho Messaging App to Beat Whatsapp | Launch of Kimbho - Desi Messaging App after Patanjali SIM by Ramdev
Soon after the successful launch of Patanjali-BSNL Swadeshi Samriddhi SIM cards by Baba Ramdev, a latest launch of Desi Messaging App with the name Kimbho has been done on May 30th, 2018 (Wednesday) to beat Whatsapp in India. Baba Ramdev's Patanjali being developed continuously as a revolution in India has once again come up with an idea of messaging app similar to the functionalities of Whatsapp. Whatsapp has a biggest number of users all over the world along with India being one of the major country following the best quality messaging service including voice calls and video calls as well. In this current edge of modern digitization, almost all the people having a phone in their hand opts to keep a smartphone only with Whatsapp being one of the installed applications. It has become the necessity of the people now-a-days to send messages instantly along with advanced media files such as photos, music, videos etc. Soon after the launch of Whatsapp in India, the difficulty of sending media files along with the text messages got completely vanished as the app was itself sufficient to manage all such abilities with ultimate efficiency. During the course of time, the app introduced regular updates in the functionalities and it became the necessity of the users all around. Not only the children and the youth, the people of all the age groups who were not even aware of the basic IT related functionalities as well as app handling kind of habits, even started to use Whatsapp frequently and learned the things such as sending of messages, photos, music, videos along with doing voice calls and video calls very frequently. Baba Ramdev being one of the great business observers has noticed the influence and the dominance of such business opportunities in the field of Telecom and IT and accordingly launched Patanjali SIM followed by a biggest challenge to Whatsapp with the name 'Kimbho - Desi Messaging App' having all the functionalities similar to that of the Whatsapp. The app has also been released in the Google Play store for instant downloads into the smartphones.

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Why to buy One Plus 6 smartphone over Apple iPhone X - Top 5 reasons explained | Benefits of buying One Plus 6 over Apple iPhone X
Why to buy One Plus 6 smartphone over Apple iPhone X - Top 5 reasons explained | Benefits of buying One Plus 6 over Apple iPhone X  : One Plus 6 smartphone has been launched in the current month of May 2018 with a motive to dominate the entire smartphone industry. The dominance of Chinese smartphone manufacturer has been already proven with the dynamic launch of smartphone handsets with brand names such as Xiaomi Redmi series of phones, Oppo, Vivo etc to name a few. Soon after the launch and grand success of Micromax series of smartphones in the Indian market, the Chinese smartphone manufacturing companies targeted the Indian citizens and went on exporting their big brands in India. 4G VoLTE technology enabled both SIMs simultaneously along with several other features are not a big deal now-a-days. One Plus 6 series of smartphones has also taken charge for the past few years and several updated series are dominating the Indian market by satisfying the youths with their updated series of features in an extremely low price range. The Indian youths and the persons of almost all the age groups use to get attracted towards the smartphone models launched by the Chinese smartphone companies following their fully loaded and featured smartphones in an amazingly low price range as compared to the other already existing smartphones of different companies. The month of May 2018 is the proof of viewing One Plus 6 smartphone as one of the newly titled "Flagship Killer" smartphone built with all the updated set of inbuilt characteristic features including latest processor, high capacity RAM, powerful camera etc to name a few. In order to actually win the race of the flagship killer title, One Plus 6 smartphone must be able to challenge the actual competitors in the race including the Apple iPhone X which is considered one of the biggest challengers of the phone in the race of being a flagship killer. Apple iPhone X launched in the month of September 2017 launched a notch design trend and accordingly announced the set as one of the best iPhone model launched till date. The question of the best smartphone brand yet arises in the eyes of the iPhone lover as well as the One Plus lovers and they often get confused to decide in between the two. If One Plus is better over the iPhone X newly launched model, then why not to choose the One Plus 6 smartphone over Apple iPhone X in a comparatively lower price range.

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What is Initial Coin Offering (ICO) ? | Benefits and Risks involved under ICO | Best tips to consider before investment in ICO | Digital tokens associated with ICO
What is Initial Coin Offering (ICO) ? | Benefits and Risks involved under ICO | Best tips to consider before investment in ICO | Digital tokens associated with ICO :
ICO refers to Initial Coin Offering which is one of the most famous terms in the field of modern crypto currencies being used frequently by the crypto traders for exchanging the already existing popular currencies such as Bitcoin, Etherium etc. These are the kinds of digital tokens to be used frequently as a medium of exchange in the existing market of crypto currencies worldwide. Following the benefits and ease of handling the ICO, their demands among the traders are continuously increasing. Following the utilities of ICO, only a limited number of digital tokens are generated to carry out any specific purpose of exchange and accordingly sold to the currency traders in lieu of some other crypto symbols such as Bitcoin or Etherium. Some units of this digital token (ICO) are put forward with conditions in front of the traders for carrying out the purpose of exchange against the already existing currencies as mentioned above. Digital tokens achieving the special sales are also listed on the exchanges where the already existing initial buyers can sell their holdings and the new buyers can arrive at any time. ICOs are now-a-days taking the form of digital crowdfunding following which the token sales enables the newly established startups not only to suddenly increase the funding amount without giving up the considered equity but also to power boost up the upcoming  project’s acceptance by utilizing their use to the holders of the digital tokens. By introducing the digital token mediums with revolutionary introduction of ICOs, a brand new mechanism of crypto currency trading has been developed and smoothly carried out because of multiple forms of conveniences offered in terms of currency exchange.  So far as the issues of benefit to the buyers are concerned, they instantly and quickly get benefited by accessing the facilities which the digital token holds and even by selling the digital token to the crypto coin seekers in an exchange of the already existing famous crypto currencies including Bitcoins.

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Initial Coin Offering and best investment tips in ICO
Initial Coin Offering (ICO) & Investment Tips