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VoLTE | VoLTE Technology | Working of VoLTE Technology | Benefits of VoLTE Based Call Over 4G Network

VoLTE | VoLTE Technology | Working of VoLTE Technology | Benefits of VoLTE Based Call Over 4G Network : VoLTE refers to Voice Over Long Term Evolution or Voice Over LTE. VoLTE technology is extremely beneficial for calling facilities over 4G networks for a high quality HD voice call. In general, advancements in the field of technology, particularly in the field of telecom related developments are carried out keeping in view the data transfer speeds. More the technical advancements and developments done in the field of data transfer rates inside any specified network, more will be the internet speed and accordingly more users will be attracted following the same. It is also to be understood that the data transfer rates in the sense of internet browsing speeds only matters whatever the networks may be, either 3G, 4G and so on. The continuous advancements in the data transfer speeds has yet mostly been done only keeping in view the high speed internet facilities. Voice related calls i.e. the development in the quality of voice calls has not been interrelated along with such developments.
HD voice calls over 4G networks with VoLTE
Following the same, if we use to do any voice calls even with 4G enabled smartphones with 4G networks, they use to travel with the speeds of 2G or 3G networks. In most of the cases, voice calls uses 2G level of technology to get carried towards the voice receiver of another end. The poor quality voice calls or the continuous call drops in between the voice calls therefore generally takes place even in the high end 4G enabled smartphones. VoLTE technology overcomes this big problem which is mostly encountered now-a-days with most of the smartphones. This VoLTE technology i.e. Voice Over Long Term Evolution technology is basically a voice over 4G network which helps the smartphones to carry the voice calls over 4G networks with best voice quality matching the level of 4G data transfer rates. 

Working and Benefits of VoLTE Technology :

The VoLTE technology has been developed to enable several wireless data carriers to utilize Internet Protocol (IP) based 4G LTE data networks for the voice related calls. VoLTE technology works almost similar to that of the Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology. Similar to that of the VoIP, VoLTE technology breaks up the voice calls into several smaller packets for maintaining the best quality of voice calls and finally routed over the internet in the form of either an e-mail or the text based messages. Comparing to the several circuit switched voice networks, VoLTE is considered much more smarter and even cost effective because it helps the service providers to enable only a single data network for voice as well as data transfer related functions. The similar functionality makes this VoLTE network technology far more cost effective, efficient and smarter as the expense will become double in case of keeping up individual and separate arrangements for voice as well as data transfer related functionalities. Despite of these benefits, the VoLTE network technology provides much more added advantages for HD voice calling over 4G network for immediately and smartly delivering crystal clear voice quality with lesser background noises. Most of the smartphone manufacturers keeping have already started to implement VoLTE technology in their smartphones and manufacture the phone models with this enhanced set of inbuilt feature to make their customers fully satisfied with the crystal quality voice calls over 4G networks. Famous international smartphone brands including Apple, Samsung and several others have already launched their various smartphone models equipped with this high end technology. 
Even much more advanced set of features have been bunched with this high end internet technology with the name VoLTE technology. In addition to the crystal clear voice calls being provided over the 4G networks, the VoLTE technology is now-a-days also used to provide video calling,video conferencing with advanced roaming facilities too over the Wi-Fi and VoLTE networks. With the grand discovery of this new and cutting end technology, the advancements in the field of 4G enabled network configuration merely for downloading, streaming and web browsing related functionalities cannot only be considered, despite of that, crystal clear HD voice calling as well as video calling with video conferencing related functionalities have also been made common. 
In addition to all the mentioned facts and figures about the VoLTE technology, yet another one of the most wanted rich set of feature still lags to be mentioned. This feature is the best battery life of the 4G smartphones enabled with VoLTE technology. This is because prior to the integration of this high end technology to the smartphones, during connecting a voice call, networks used to readjust itself from 4G to 3G or even 2G to support the desired voice calls. Continuous shifting or downgrading of networks during connecting a voice call even from a 4G network used to more consumption of the battery power and finally reaching the dead end very soon. With the introduction and installation of this high end VoLTE technology, even voice calls are supported with 4G technology leading to minus and frequent shifting of the networks during voice calls and data related functionalities. Hence, lesser load on the battery continuously helps in keeping up the constant battery power without any issues. 
Most of the famous smartphone brands have already launched their smartphones supporting VoLTE technology but they have been developed keeping in view the data services only for a high end data transfer rates over the 4G networks. However, Voice Over LTE in the sense of the advanced HD voice calls using the similar technology have also been launched with world famous smartphone brands where the voice quality as that faster and clearer as that of the data transfer speeds in the 4G networks. But, yet the developments are needed to be done and effectively implemented to embed this technology over all the 4G smartphones using a single high end technology for crystal clear HD voice calls as well the data transfer. Frequent integration and embedding of this technology will generate competition among the smartphone manufacturers and accordingly much more quality will be offered among the customers in a cost effective way.

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