Sunday, February 25, 2018

Process to complete Paytm KYC verification online in 2021 | Paytm KYC online update with Aadhar in 2021
The process to complete Paytm KYC verification online from home in 2021 | Paytm KYC online update with Aadhar: Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has issued an advisory regarding KYC verification of all the UPI apps in the form of e-wallets including Paytm, Mobikwik, PhonePe, etc early by February 28th, 2018. 
The advisory has been issued by RBI following the directives by the Government of India to avoid fraudulent activities. As we all know that these e-wallets have nowadays become a part of our routine transaction activities including mobile recharge, online shopping, money transfer (wallet to wallet), money transfer (wallet to bank and vice versa) and other several transaction-related activities.

Paytm is one of the most widely used UPI apps in the smartphones of almost all Indian citizens who prefer digital transaction activities in comparison to the physical transaction.

Wallets have taken the form of e-wallets whose entire activities can simply be performed via an app inside our smartphones. Money is directly transferred to these e-wallets by the concerned customer via their bank accounts simply by adding a few details about the customer's account.

The transaction is extremely secured and encrypted and hence the transaction-related activities can be even be considered safer in comparison to physical transaction activities.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Airtel TV vs Jio TV comparison for Live Streaming | Watch Live TV via Apps Free
Airtel TV vs Jio TV comparison for Live Streaming | Watch Live TV via Apps Free :
Airtel TV as well as Reliance Jio TV are the popular names in today's digital world of telecom sector to offer their subscribers live TV streaming facilities even via mobile apps. Reliance Jio has created a situation of competition among the biggest telecom companies to offer maximum advantages to the consumers in a minimum affordable price. The revolutionary introduction of unlimited 4G internet along with unlimited voice as well as video calling facilities has created a huge competition among the other telecom companies to offer much more facilities than each other for standing safely in this competitive market. Each and every telecom companies are well aware of the fact to approach maximum consumers all over the country with satisfactory output.
After introduction of heavily discounted price range along with free internet and calling facilities by the Reliance Jio, entire telecom market are trying to put forward their best strategy to lead ahead in comparison to the Reliance Jio's facilities provided to the consumers all over the country. Airtel is considered a close competitor keeping in view the services provided to their consumers in comparison to the Reliance Jio. Both the Airtel as well as Jio tend to opt high end technology to offer butter smooth functionality to the consumers either in the sense of calls, internet or even the live TV introduced now-a-days with maximum channels. However, Reliance Jio is still ahead in comparison to it's close competitors but the future of this telecom market is quite unpredictable because others are also technologically sound to stay in front figure in this telecom market.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Google Certified Online IT Certification Courses For Sure Success

Google Certified Online IT Certification Courses For Sure SuccessOnline IT based courses and certifications from renowned software companies such as Google is the choice of most of the students as well as the young IT professionals to boost up their career graphs quickly. The current edge can be considered as the edge of competitions where only the fittest candidates in all the aspects are selected by the software industries in the designated positions. The organizations including the renowned software companies such as Google, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle conducts the various in-campus and off-campus interview programs to select the multi talented students in their respective field of operations. All the software companies are dependent upon their quality software professionals working in various capacities such as Software Developer, Software Engineer, Software Architect, Database Administrator, System Analyst, Cloud Computing Expert, Networking Specialist, Android Developer, Programmers under their administrative control. The software industries already have a huge expansion of their businesses all over the world in various countries. They have high paying and well reputed clients globally whose whole and sole faith is dependent upon the quality works delivered by the software companies and ultimately the software companies prefer to hire only such kind of professionals from the renowned educational institutions such as IIT, IIM etc who are well capable and quality oriented to deliver the quality output to the clients for a more better relationships with them in the future. Accordingly, the software professionals are paid extremely well by the software companies and most of the times, their annual package touches even crores of Indian rupees.
Reputed and multinational software companies tend to hire software professionals from renowned educational institutes, however other several criteria including off-campus interviews are also organized by them periodically to hire the talented IT professionals.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Android P launch by Google as next OS after Android Oreo | Android P best features and specifications
Android P by Google

Android P launch by Google as next OS after Android Oreo | Android P best features and specifications
Get ready for Android P, an upgraded version of Android after Android Oreo. Google is likely to introduce the next operating system for it's Android based smartphones by the name Android P for which all the required formalities have already been started. As we are already familiar of Google's strategy of keeping the name of  it's OS on the basis of increasing order of English alphabet since very beginning and the therefore, after the successful implementation of it's previously launched OS by the name Android Oreo in the smartphones globally, Google has decided to launch the next OS by the name 'Android P' with more equipped and advanced set of features. Though Google has equipped most of the smartphone brands with Android Oreo globally, yet there exists only 1.1 percent of the smartphones only in which this OS has successfully been implemented. The percentage therefore is extremely low in comparison to the expectations of the company. Lower the percentage of the smartphones supporting this Android Oreo OS, lower will be the business and accordingly there will be lesser feedback from all over the world regarding this newly launched OS.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Features and Specifications of Android Oreo launched by Google | Best Comparison with Android Nougat
Android Oreo with best set of features
Features and Specifications of Android Oreo launched by Google | Best Comparison with Android Nougat :- Android based smartphones have been in trend since very beginning when the start up Android version with the name Cupcake was introduced. As the time passed away, Android used to gain the widespread popularity in comparison to the other mobile operating systems because the smartphones equipped with Android can be easily affordable by the people of all the classes ranging from the low income group to high income groups as well. Android is an operating system developed by Google keeping in view their target of widespread popularity targeted towards entire world and all the classes of people. The future vision of Google to gain the customer's satisfaction during the initial start up of their first mobile operating systems to latest Android based operating system till date is now proven. Maximum percentage of people all over the world are inclined to purchase and keep only Android based smartphones owing to it's rich set of features, specifications and user friendly platform.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

DigiLocker-Digital India Scheme For Cloud Based Document Management System | Go Paperless with Digilocker
Digilocker App under Digital India Scheme by Indian Govt
DigiLocker-Digital India Scheme For Cloud Based Document Management System | Go Paperless with Digilocker : Digilocker is an initiative taken by the Government of India under Digital India scheme to promote an era of digitization under the country and to make the citizens aware of the positive sides of digitization in India. The initiative can be thought of an eradication to the already existed physical activities done instead of being digital.The future vision of being paperless by the Indian government is the main motto behind the development and deployment of this Digilocker software system all over the country. Digilocker is basically an online document management system software which is also available as an app in Google Play Store of Android based smartphones to immediately and instantly get access to the important digital documents stored on the cloud based storage system of this software.