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Airtel TV vs Jio TV comparison for Live Streaming | Watch Live TV via Apps Free

Airtel TV vs Jio TV comparison for Live Streaming | Watch Live TV via Apps Free :
Airtel TV as well as Reliance Jio TV are the popular names in today's digital world of telecom sector to offer their subscribers live TV streaming facilities even via mobile apps. Reliance Jio has created a situation of competition among the biggest telecom companies to offer maximum advantages to the consumers in a minimum affordable price. The revolutionary introduction of unlimited 4G internet along with unlimited voice as well as video calling facilities has created a huge competition among the other telecom companies to offer much more facilities than each other for standing safely in this competitive market. Each and every telecom companies are well aware of the fact to approach maximum consumers all over the country with satisfactory output.
After introduction of heavily discounted price range along with free internet and calling facilities by the Reliance Jio, entire telecom market are trying to put forward their best strategy to lead ahead in comparison to the Reliance Jio's facilities provided to the consumers all over the country. Airtel is considered a close competitor keeping in view the services provided to their consumers in comparison to the Reliance Jio. Both the Airtel as well as Jio tend to opt high end technology to offer butter smooth functionality to the consumers either in the sense of calls, internet or even the live TV introduced now-a-days with maximum channels. However, Reliance Jio is still ahead in comparison to it's close competitors but the future of this telecom market is quite unpredictable because others are also technologically sound to stay in front figure in this telecom market.

Jio TV vs Airtel TV comparison
Those were the days when the consumers used to demand online video for comfortable and easier access to their favorite TV serials or other entertainment related stuffs. Online video facilities were are offered by the companies including Netflix, Hotstar or Amazon Prime Video. However, these are the days where live TV streaming is being offered by the telecom companies including Reliance Jio as well as Airtel for their subscribers free of cost. Live TV is a completely different experience where the consumers are offered live television via their telecom operators to watch their favorite stuffs with the help of different Android Apps. Multiple channels live watching facilities are offered by the telecom companies including Reliance Jio and Airtel. Suppose any consumer is accessing the services offered by Tata Sky, then he/she can easily install and use the Tata Sky app in their smartphone for watching a collection of channels as per the desire completely live. Similarly, other live TV channels can also be watched using Ditto TV (Zee network initiative offered by Zee TV group of televisions), Airtel TV, Jio TV etc. The process of watching the selected channels as per the consumer's desire is extremely as easy as a child's play. The desired apps can easily be downloaded into the smartphone from the Android play store and the live TV services can be accessed almost free of cost.
Jio TV vs Airtel TV comparison in detail
After the introduction of live TV streaming by Jio and Airtel, the services offered in this regard by these two telecom giants is widely being liked by the consumers all around the country following their high end technologies. Both the Airtel as well the Reliance Jio subscribers are allowed to access their live TV telecasts free of cost. It is a well known fact that most of the users uses dual sim smartphones and access the services provided both the companies at the same time. It therefore becomes difficult for the consumers to decide which telecom provider's live TV streaming services should be accessed for a more better user experience.
The given list of features provided by both the telecom companies including Reliance Jio and Airtel for watching live TV is sufficient enough to differentiate in between their individual properties and accordingly made it easy for the consumers to decide :-
  • Reliance Jio is well equipped with high end broadcasting features and calling facilities including VoLTE technology which is offered in all the circles for smoother functionalities. However, Airtel does not provide the VoLTE technology based services in all the circles and it is still dependent on 2G/3G networks even for voice calls.
  • Reliance Jio TV offers a total of 583 TV channels to select from including special services provided exclusively for Jio's subscribers including Jio events, Jio sports etc, however, all of the 583 channels does not provide the facility of live TV broadcasts. On the other hand, Airtel TV only provides a sum total of 368 channels to chose from and it therefore lags behind the Jio based services.
  • Talking about the Hindi language channels, Jio TV offers 173 Hindi channels. On the other hand, Airtel only provides a facility to watch 110 Hindi language channels.
  • Other than Hindi language channels, Jio offers 60 Tamil and 60 Telugu language channels to watch. Whereas, Airtel offers 45 and 44 channels only in both the languages respectively.
  • Talking about the full HD channels, Jio offers 39 HD English channels whereas Airtel offers only 13 HD English channels.
  • Talking about the Tamil and Malayalam based HD channels, Jio offers nine and seven channels respectively for both languages. However, Airtel offers only one Tamil and one Malayalam channel to watch.
  • Comparing in between the features of both the telecom companies in the sense of English TV shows and movies, Jio offers much more channel in comparison to Airtel including HBO HD etc. However, Airtel even lags behind in this also because it offers to present sports as well as news dominating channels too which makes it fall downwards in comparison to Jio.
  • Reliance Jio offers Jio Cinema to it's subscribers which acts as own single milestone among it's competitors having a wide range of movies collection. However, Airtel does not have it's own platform like that of Jio for movies collection (conditions apply). It offers a well crafted selection of videos on demand offering free one year subscription for Amazon Prime videos. Videos can be streamed in Airtel from Hotsatr, Eros now and even Hooq too.
  • Reliance Jio has a strong and well collected movie VOD catalog where it stands separate in comparison to Airtel.
  • Soon after launching the app in the case of Reliance Jio TV, the consumers are directly set up to the program guide where they are given the facility to set up favorites, re-tune to recently watched channels or directly scroll as per the desire to watch the targeted channel as well as to see the upcoming stuffs. Talking about the Airtel TV app, the specifications are not as clear as that of Jio. Homepage of Airtel app displays a mixture of VOD as well as live TV. Channel cards can be used for launching a live channel by tapping as per the needs. 
  • Talking about the data consumed for watching live TV streams in both the cases, Jio TV after watching an HD channel for 10 minutes approx consumes around 250 MB of data (as per the research). However, Airtel TV on the same side consumes around 300 MB of data.
  • Quality setting options for live video streaming appears by the name Automatic, High, Medium and Low in the case of Reliance Jio and as per the quality settings, data consumption will obviously be noticed accordingly. On the other hand, live video quality setting option for Airtel TV, there exists three independent options by the names High, Medium and Low and in this case also, the data consumption will be higher and lower as per the opted setting.
  • Airtel TV offers a data saver mode setting which allows the consumers to keep a complete control over the data consumption in comparison to the Jio TV. Owing to it's other functionalities in comparison to Jio, Airtel can be considered a winner with regard to data consumption.
Keeping in view the above listed honest discussions in between Airtel TV as well as Reliance Jio TV on the basis of various observations and researches, we can say that the Jio TV is still the winner in various senses in comparison to the Airtel TV. Catalog of channels including other listed functionalities are really amazing and offers far better user experience which will definitely attract the consumers to opt for Reliance Jio TV for live streaming even when they are using dual sim smartphone with one sim of Reliance and the other of Airtel.

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