Thursday, June 28, 2018

Top 10 Best Features of IRCTC Website on E-Ticket Booking | Latest Offers on Train Ticket Booking by IRCTC Website
Top 10 Best Features of IRCTC Website on E-Ticket Booking | Latest Offers on Train Ticket Booking by IRCTC Website : IRCTC has launched the new and updated IRCTC website version for the convenience of frequent train travelling people who use to book e-ticket via IRCTC portal. The latest launch of the updated IRCTC website has been made updated with next generation e-ticketing system with much advanced and interactive user interface which has made the ticket booking process comparatively much more easier then the earlier launched website. Stuffs including the options placed under different menus provides a feel of convenience for the bookies which humbly forces them to leave the positive feedback for the website over the blogs, forums or even the video channels. The earlier launch of the website was tested in beta version in the month of May 2018 but soon after getting the continuous positive feedback about this IRCTC website from the users all over the country, Indian Railways finalized the process of launching up of this website in a full fledged version and accordingly it resulted to get in front of the users in the mid of June 2018. Several new and updated features has been introduced in this newly launched website giving relaxation to the train passengers while e-ticket booking via IRCTC.
The users will not be required to get an account inside the IRCTC updated website to do the essential train inquiry and seat arrangements as per their requirements. They will even be able to predict about the confirmation of their waiting e-ticket without logging inside the website. In addition to the mentioned updates about the website, there exists much more excitement about the updated features introduced in the newly launched booking portal.

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Monday, June 11, 2018

How to speed up android phone in 2021 | How to make android phone run faster | Top 10 ways to speed up android phone
How to speed up android phone in 2021 | How to make the android phone run faster | Top 10 ways to speed up the android phone: Android phones launched these days are highly speed targeted by the manufacturers and are packed with several built-in sets of features supporting the android device to run faster at any specific condition.

High-speed processors along with a super faster RAM helps mobile phone devices to maintain an equilibrium in processing any particular task with dedicated super fast speed. The latest android versions integrated into the newly launched mobile phones also support the devices to perform much better in speed as compared to the previously launched versions. You can now easily detect and fix the slow android phones and make it amazingly fast without any additional hassles.

Android phones are available to get purchased with greater internal memory supporting the device to store any amount of information in the form of texts, images, graphics, audios or even the videos as well inside itself without the integration of any external memory cards. Android featured phones are also well known to be searched if lost by chance using the most famous Android device manager tool provided under the interface.

Despite all these fully loaded set of features in the latest android phones, most of them use to get slow down during the course of time. The main reason stands behind the slow down of the android mobile phone is that the phone often needs regular monitoring and cleaning functionalities which need to be carried out by the owner of the android phone.

However, most of the people who are not at all tech-savvy and are limited only up to calling and messaging kind of facilities often ignore the proper care of the phone. During the course of time, most of the junk files often get stored in the phone memory in the form of cached data, meaningless files and waste folders which use to take a loot of the phone's space which makes the device slow.

Due to limited knowledge about increasing up the android phone's speed, most of the users who are not well aware of the proper ways to increase the speed often use to install some of the speed booster kinds of the app from the play store and tries to clean to their device with one go. But, these apps do not prove themselves as much compatible as per the user's expectations and ultimately the speed of the android phone becomes worst even after their regular uses.
How to speed up android phone