Wednesday, March 28, 2018

VoLTE | VoLTE Technology | Working of VoLTE Technology | Benefits of VoLTE Based Call Over 4G Network
VoLTE | VoLTE Technology | Working of VoLTE Technology | Benefits of VoLTE Based Call Over 4G Network : VoLTE refers to Voice Over Long Term Evolution or Voice Over LTE. VoLTE technology is extremely beneficial for calling facilities over 4G networks for a high quality HD voice call. In general, advancements in the field of technology, particularly in the field of telecom related developments are carried out keeping in view the data transfer speeds. More the technical advancements and developments done in the field of data transfer rates inside any specified network, more will be the internet speed and accordingly more users will be attracted following the same. It is also to be understood that the data transfer rates in the sense of internet browsing speeds only matters whatever the networks may be, either 3G, 4G and so on. The continuous advancements in the data transfer speeds has yet mostly been done only keeping in view the high speed internet facilities. Voice related calls i.e. the development in the quality of voice calls has not been interrelated along with such developments.
HD voice calls over 4G networks with VoLTE
Following the same, if we use to do any voice calls even with 4G enabled smartphones with 4G networks, they use to travel with the speeds of 2G or 3G networks. In most of the cases, voice calls uses 2G level of technology to get carried towards the voice receiver of another end. The poor quality voice calls or the continuous call drops in between the voice calls therefore generally takes place even in the high end 4G enabled smartphones. VoLTE technology overcomes this big problem which is mostly encountered now-a-days with most of the smartphones. This VoLTE technology i.e. Voice Over Long Term Evolution technology is basically a voice over 4G network which helps the smartphones to carry the voice calls over 4G networks with best voice quality matching the level of 4G data transfer rates. 

Monday, March 5, 2018

Learn with Google AI - Free Training of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence by Google
Learn with Google AI - Free Training of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence by Google : Keeping in view the latest beneficial advancement in the trending cutting edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) related concepts, Tech Giant Google has arrived along with a website in the form of a learning platform by the name 'Learn with Google AI'. Google has come up with 'Learn with Google AI' platform with an ambition to educate the persons globally regarding the conceptual and learning secrets involved under the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning skills. Google along with several other renowned IT and Software companies are already utilizing the benefits of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning related concepts. Following an ambition to spread  the awareness of this warm cutting edge technology among the persons to get them well aware about the benefits and secrets, this IT giant Google has taken an initiative in the form of an educating website to spread the knowledge all over the world free of cost. The platform by the name 'Learn with Google AI' has been made equipped with free educational and teaching resources developed by Machine Learning (ML) experts of the company. Google believed in the fact that any form of education will be a secret until and unless it can openly be disclosed in front of the people. There also exists several online certification courses provided by Google for the welfare and better learning of the concepts by the people all around the world. Talking about the topic for which the discussion is going on in this post, it can undoubtedly be mentioned that any of the technology which we are utilizing now-a-days including feature rich android smartphones, 4G technology, video calling facility and so on would have yet been a secret if it has not been openly presented in front of the people like us to get them utilized for the sake of simplicity and for the sake of benefits of the mankind.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Top 5 Best Educational Learning Android Apps For CBSE Examinations in 2018
Top 5 Best Educational Learning Android Apps For CBSE Examinations in 2018 :
One of the most awaited CBSE examinations for class 10th and 12th are already going on in the current month of March, 2018. CBSE exams for the students all over the country is considered an extremely crucial period of their life upon which the entire future depends. Making an  identity by securing a nice percentage of marks is the target of the school students following which they try to perform their level best with complete dedication and awareness. But, the extraordinary performance is noticed by only a few number of students in the schools. Majority of the students fails to achieve their target of getting best marks because of not following the smart strategy. The tensed situation for the students even force their parents too to get inside the well of panic conditions thinking about their children's future. This examination is as much important for the CBSE students as that of the ground floor pillar of a multi story apartment. If the ground floor pillar will not be made strong enough to carry the load of it's top floor, the entire apartment can get vanished within a fraction of seconds. Similar is the case with the CBSE examination appearing students of class 10th and 12th in the sense that if an eye catching and unique percentage of marks will not be attained by the students, their dream of studying a descent subject in reputed educational institutions will not be fulfilled and ultimately the predetermined target will be destroyed. Expectations always hurts but in the case of all such examinations, not only the students but even their parents as well as family members too have a lot of expectations.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Positive attitude makes you a successful entrepreneur | Being a successful entrepreneur
Positive attitude makes you a successful entrepreneur to lead the world positively | Being a successful entrepreneur Building up of a golden and stable career as an entrepreneur is the dream of almost all the students all over the world pursuing various courses at several levels. They have a desire to shape up their individual careers working at a reputed designation at a renowned organization after completing their education. Similar case exists with their parents also who utilize their entire potential to give their children best quality education and do not even think to compromise with their careers. It does not matter whether they are economically sound or not but a strong desire to satisfy their feel of responsibility forces them to do all those essential stuffs needed to make their children’s career bright and accordingly all their suitable steps use to take place one after the other.