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Learn with Google AI - Free Training of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence by Google

Learn with Google AI - Free Training of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence by Google : Keeping in view the latest beneficial advancement in the trending cutting edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) related concepts, Tech Giant Google has arrived along with a website in the form of a learning platform by the name 'Learn with Google AI'. Google has come up with 'Learn with Google AI' platform with an ambition to educate the persons globally regarding the conceptual and learning secrets involved under the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning skills. Google along with several other renowned IT and Software companies are already utilizing the benefits of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning related concepts. Following an ambition to spread  the awareness of this warm cutting edge technology among the persons to get them well aware about the benefits and secrets, this IT giant Google has taken an initiative in the form of an educating website to spread the knowledge all over the world free of cost. The platform by the name 'Learn with Google AI' has been made equipped with free educational and teaching resources developed by Machine Learning (ML) experts of the company. Google believed in the fact that any form of education will be a secret until and unless it can openly be disclosed in front of the people. There also exists several online certification courses provided by Google for the welfare and better learning of the concepts by the people all around the world. Talking about the topic for which the discussion is going on in this post, it can undoubtedly be mentioned that any of the technology which we are utilizing now-a-days including feature rich android smartphones, 4G technology, video calling facility and so on would have yet been a secret if it has not been openly presented in front of the people like us to get them utilized for the sake of simplicity and for the sake of benefits of the mankind.
Learn with Google AI - ML & AI concepts by Google
Learn with Google AI - Free website by Google to learn ML & AI
Similar is the case with this trending and most beneficial cutting edge information technology course by the name Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). To make their benefits and utilities common in front of the people like us, Google has shown it's interest and accordingly this website in the form of learning junction has been made common in front of the people to take the advantage as per the requirement. This learning platform's free of cost educational resources will guide the people to learn about the concepts involved under the technology, develop the skills and to utilize the artificial intelligence related solutions to solve out their day to day complexities and other concerned problems.Google has developed this resource 'Learn with Google AI' with a future vision to educate the people regarding the utilities of Artificial Intelligence to solve the complex challenging problems. The website is targeted to provide the core concepts involved under Machine Learning (ML) and AI skills, development and further utilization of these skills to solve out the difficulties by applying their applications to the real world problems. Any kind of educational contents about these cutting edge technologies will be made available in the website without any hassles. No matter whether the knowledge seeking person has already crossed their learning stage or whether the person is interested to put forward his/her first step in the field of AI and ML, all the concerned educational resources as per the requirements will be made available in this website prepared by the Machine Learning (ML) experts of this great IT company. 

Google's Course Manager for Machine Learning Education openly expressed up the Google's view regarding making the people aware of this trending technology's benefits and thereby making it easier for everyone to learn the secrets of Machine Learning (ML) by taking the help of quality and free educational contents developed by the ML researchers of Google. 'Learn with Google AI' educational platform developed by Google has been made fully equipped and overloaded with sufficient amount of practicing exercises, learning modules, interactive visualizations for effective and smart learning as well as several instructional videos to catch the contents after getting started. The course content involved under this learning junction by Google has a sum total of 40 exercises with approximately 15 hours of duration. Following the quality educational contents developed as per the requirements, even most of the Google employees have also enrolled for the specially designed ML course by the name Machine Learning Crash Course (MLCC) which has been developed by the engineering education team of Google company.  The course with 40 exercises and 15 hours duration to learn the core Machine Learning (ML) related skill has been developed for any of the interested person and even by newcomers in this field also but at least a little bit concept in the subjects such as basics of Algebra, Programming and Python related skills can help them perform and learn in a more better way. This is the first time when an initiative has been taken to make this Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) related skill common to the people all over the world and to learn the secrets with quality exercises and educational tutorials developed by the Google researchers.

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