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Top 5 Best Educational Learning Android Apps For CBSE Examinations in 2021

Top 5 Best Educational Learning Android Apps For CBSE Examinations in 2021 :

CBSE exams for the students all over the country is considered an extremely crucial period of their life upon which the entire future depends. Making an  identity by securing a nice percentage of marks is the target of the school students following which they try to perform their level best with complete dedication and awareness. But, the extraordinary performance is noticed by only a few number of students in the schools. Majority of the students fails to achieve their target of getting best marks because of not following the smart strategy. The tensed situation for the students even force their parents too to get inside the well of panic conditions thinking about their children's future.
This examination is as much important for the CBSE students as that of the ground floor pillar of a multi story apartment. If the ground floor pillar will not be made strong enough to carry the load of it's top floor, the entire apartment can get vanished within a fraction of seconds. Similar is the case with the CBSE examination appearing students of class 10th and 12th in the sense that if an eye catching and unique percentage of marks will not be attained by the students, their dream of studying a descent subject in reputed educational institutions will not be fulfilled and ultimately the predetermined target will be destroyed. Expectations always hurts but in the case of all such examinations, not only the students but even their parents as well as family members too have a lot of expectations.
Top 5 best apps for CBSE exams 2018
Top 5 best android apps for CBSE examinations 2021

The current edge is the edge of digitization where the latest advancements in the field of Information Technology (IT) in the form of downloadable android apps has given us a feel of comfort to handle our problems with easiest and smart solutions. Those were the days when the students have to be dependent only upon their books and notes along with some last moment sample papers available in the market. But, now-a-days, with the help of android apps, there are several useful and knowledgeable applications available in the play store in the form of apps which offers us to use them and increase our chances of getting more successful in a well smart manner. Keeping in view the CBSE examinations of class 10th and 12th, more than 100 useful applications are currently available for download from the play store completely free of cost. The internet provides us the resources to carry out our difficult work in a smart manner rather than traditional harder approach. The students can prepare themselves well and in a unique manner by taking the help of these apps from the android play store and ultimately secure a nicer percentage of marks to keep themselves away from the crowd and build up their golden upcoming future.

Let us have a discussion on these useful, knowledgeable and educational android apps which can easily be downloaded from the android play store of the smartphone for securing a descent percentage of marks in the upcoming CBSE examinations of class 10th and 12th.
  • Meritnation : 
Keeping in view the complexity involved in the CBSE examinations pattern, this app has been developed and uploaded in the android play store for free download by the students. The app contains the educational contents specially designed of these students in a easy to understand manner. In addition to the well designed and informative syllabus topics, the app is extremely popular among the students to provide the animated educational tutorials along with sample papers including several previous year papers too. The students who have a habit of group studying can also enjoy this app because it provides an environment of social learning also by which the contents can be shared via social media among the friends and the students can even invite their friends in this environment to have a joy of group study with useful learning contents. Following it's importance and well designed inbuilt educational system, soon after the upload, it has been downloaded by more than 1 million users on android play store and the download graph is going on increasing day by day.
  • Skillz : 
Skillz is an app available in the android play store not merely to provide educational contents to the students, but it has been developed to keep the students stress free during the panic examination situations. Interactive and funny brain games are pre-loaded in the environment so that if the students gets diverted from their studies for few moments, he/she can yet be engaged by playing these brain games. Word puzzles and memory games are popular and creative sources of educating the students and making their brains more sharper and active. After a longer period of studies, students get bored but even then they don't want to go out of their home and divert their mind from the concentrated studies. The app is extremely useful in such situation which helps to divert from the studies without wasting the time and yet utilizing it by improving the brain's strength. 
  • Math Trick :
Keeping in view the smarter approach of preparing Mathematics subject, this app has been developed with overloaded smarter techniques to solve complicated mathematical problems in a easy to understand manner. The secrets and techniques involved in the Vedic Mathematics has been assumed as a base before developing this application. The tutorials explained inside the app teaches us the smart techniques to solve the calculations without any harder approach. Once learned, the similar problems relating to Mathematical calculations can easily be performed and accordingly implemented. Time is a major factor in the CBSE examinations where accuracy within the limited time frame always matters a lot. In all such situation, the app has proven itself extremely beneficial for the sake of goodness of the students and therefore it has been in trend since several months. In addition to CBSE examination appearing students, the app also contains the useful mathematical contents and techniques for competitive examination candidates also.
  • Byju's-The Learning App :
Byju's-The Learning App is yet another very worthy educational app in trend among the students. The app is well equipped and designed in a manner to cover the entire course curriculum in an easy to understand manner. In addition to the course contents designed for the students, this app also has special sections for parents and even teachers too. It covers almost all the subjects being taught in the schools to the students up to class 12th.The app has become the choice of the students all over the country and even for the students studying abroad. Therefore, the number of downloads is day by day going on increasing among the students not only in India but even all over the world. The students who opts for a smarter approach of study use to download the app and prepare their level best to perform best in the examinations. The app keep it's environment updating following any update relevant to the course curriculum. The educational contents have also been developed for the students preparing for competitive examinations including engineering and medicals. This is another the reason of  popularity of this app among the students because in addition to get prepared for their course contents of the syllabus, they even practice the contents to achieve a massive success in the competitive examinations also after finishing their schools.
  • Toppr :
The Toppr app is yet another educational app dedicated to the students of CBSE - 12th board. The app contains the study materials in a well designed manner to achieve a maximum percentage of marks in the examination if practiced thoroughly. The app contains other added features for the students to set the target, practice accordingly and even track their progress with respect to the time. The engineering and medical examination preparing students of JEE, NEET etc also love to download this app because of it's quality study materials and added set of educational contents.

The five list of android apps discussed above in detail are the extremely popular android apps among the students globally. They are available for free download in the android play store and utilize their importance. All the apps discussed above have been developed keeping in view the course contents of CBSE students of class 10th and 12th. In addition to the self preparation being done by the students to secure maximum percentage of marks in the upcoming CBSE Board examinations, if these apps can also be used for a smarter approach of study, the students will feel themselves much more confident, knowledgeable and well equipped to fight with this panic situation.

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