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Top 10 Best Features of IRCTC Website on E-Ticket Booking | Latest Offers on Train Ticket Booking by IRCTC Website

Top 10 Best Features of IRCTC Website on E-Ticket Booking | Latest Offers on Train Ticket Booking by IRCTC Website : IRCTC has launched the new and updated IRCTC website version for the convenience of frequent train travelling people who use to book e-ticket via IRCTC portal. The latest launch of the updated IRCTC website has been made updated with next generation e-ticketing system with much advanced and interactive user interface which has made the ticket booking process comparatively much more easier then the earlier launched website. Stuffs including the options placed under different menus provides a feel of convenience for the bookies which humbly forces them to leave the positive feedback for the website over the blogs, forums or even the video channels. The earlier launch of the website was tested in beta version in the month of May 2018 but soon after getting the continuous positive feedback about this IRCTC website from the users all over the country, Indian Railways finalized the process of launching up of this website in a full fledged version and accordingly it resulted to get in front of the users in the mid of June 2018. Several new and updated features has been introduced in this newly launched website giving relaxation to the train passengers while e-ticket booking via IRCTC.
The users will not be required to get an account inside the IRCTC updated website to do the essential train inquiry and seat arrangements as per their requirements. They will even be able to predict about the confirmation of their waiting e-ticket without logging inside the website. In addition to the mentioned updates about the website, there exists much more excitement about the updated features introduced in the newly launched booking portal.

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Top 10 best features of IRCTC Website on E-Ticket Booking

The list of top 10 newly launched updates and latest features which has been introduced in the IRCTC website to maintain the happiness of passengers are hereby mentioned with the help of following bullet points :-
  • Verifying the train availability even without logging inside the portal
The updated feature of the portal has relaxed the passengers to check the trains availability even without logging inside the IRCTC website. Trips can now be planned without any hassles and even the new user of the website who wants to get and verify the instant availability of trains for a specific journey can now immediately do the same without having an account inside the portal. After getting the necessary information about the trains availability for journey, the concerned user will be required to get an account and book the tickets as per the requirements. Previously, the passengers were needed to get an account in the IRCTC portal even for doing the seats availability related inquiry via the website which now been refined and upgraded with this convenient feature launched recently.
  • Waiting list confirmation assumption:
The website has been made equipped with the function of predicting the chances of confirmation of RAC or the waiting list tickets. This functionality has been introduced as the latest feature of the IRCTC website which uses an advanced algorithmic function to track out the data and information of two previous years. As per this newly launched feature, the e-ticket booking passengers via IRCTC website will be prompted to opt some other train if merely 50% will be the chance of getting the train tickets confirmed. VIKALP scheme may also be opted by the passengers in such a situation instead of booking the tickets which has only 50% possibility of getting confirmed. 
  • Multipurpose functionality on a single screen
The IRCTC website has been upgraded with a functionality of searching and sorting the trains as per the passenger's requirements. The trains can now be searched by implementing several filters such as sorting and finding out the desired trains on the basis and priority of class, quota, destination etc to name a few. Users can set the filters prior to the trains searching procedures and perform the needful function. The journey can now be planned more effectively with such smart act of locating the desired trains as per the requirements. The single screen will be able to display entire information concerning number and name of the desired train along with the starting as well as the destination stations. Additionally, the distance between the two stations, journey timings as well as the time of arrival and departure will altogether be reflected only on a single screen of the IRCTC website prior to the booking of the ticket. Previously, users were needed to frequently go back and forth for getting such details but this added functionality will definitely be extremely beneficial and prove itself to be more user friendly as compared to the prior website interface.
  • Easily accessible transaction history with best interface:
This feature is an advancement to the previously used website's version for going through and check the date and time of the booked tickets via the IRCTC website. The feature can also be helpful if any specific individual wants to re-visit the same place again and check the fares and other essential information. Additionally, the feature can prove itself extremely beneficial for someone who has misplaced the ticket after journey completion. The similar option can be accessed by visiting the 'Completed Journey' option under the menu 'My Transaction'. The feature has a versatile implementation on the several specific uses to get the information quickly about the train trip
  • Variation in font size of the website
The IRCTC website updated version will provide the passengers to read the instructions and other several details by increasing or decreasing the font sizes as per their requirements. Old aged persons who used to face difficulties while reading the instructions written in a smaller font size will definitely be benefited with this newly introduced feature. The persons with weak eye sights will not be strained enough to go through the e-ticket booking details along with the written instructions.
  • VIKALP option for the sake of passenger's convenience
VIKALP option introduced in the newly launched website will enable the passengers to perform different list of functions via going through the booked history. The added provision for getting and printing the tickets long with printing them accordingly as well as the functionality of requesting for additional SMS feature will will be made available under it. All or any of these functions can get activated by going thorugh the portal's VIKALP option. An alternate train election function can also be done using the VIKALP option by changing the point of boarding if required. The feature is being used by a big majority of people all over the country following it's multidimensional application.
  • Updated booking period option
The availability of the trains via the website can now be verified and checked till the validity of entire advance reservation schedules which has been maintained for a constraint of 120 days at present via the website.  This can also be considered as a beneficial update for the good sake of passenger's convenience.
  • Ease of e-ticket booking facility via the IRCTC Website with advanced banking options
Passengers can now be able to add up to six different banks as preferred banks under the 'My Profile' section of the IRCTC website. Similar to one of the major e-commerce portals Amazon, the IRCTC is also planning to launch own own e-payment system with the name IRCTC iPay facility. This paying option will make the passengers relaxed while paying through a third party medium and the IRCTC will directly receive the payments as the booking amount for e-tickets of the IRCTC.
  • Facility of previously filled particulars
This facility will be available to the passengers after getting logged in inside the railway portal and the use will prove itself beneficial in saving the booking time of the passengers. An added facility of 'Separate Card' will also be made available for each and every passengers of the train and thereby reducing the chances of a forthcoming error like situations with building up of responsive and positive attitude towards the system.
  • Highly responsive interface:
The newly launched IRCTC website for e-ticket booking purposes will prove itself  highly responsive and being seamless with added compatibility to get comfortably opened with any of the devices' interface. The website will be able to deliver seamless transition if opened in either of the devices including laptops, mobile phones or even the tablets to name a few.

The details mentioned herewith about the newly introduced IRCTC Website with advanced e-ticket booking facility are the major advancements associated with this famously used Indian Government's railway e-ticket booking portal. The facts mentioned as "Top 10 Best Offers by IRCTC Website on E-Ticket Booking" can now better be understood by the individuals to get a prior idea of the added features in this great online railway e-ticket booking portal.

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