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Best Android Apps of All Time in 2020

Awesome List of The Best Android Apps of All Time in 2020 | Free Mobile Apps Download From AppStore in 2020:

The revolutionary dominance of Android OS having serious potentials in the form of availability of the best android apps is accepted all over the world.

Android-enabled smartphones are nowadays available with almost all the people worldwide ranging from a low-income group person to the billionaires.

Even the children have also become frequent in operating the android enabled smartphones with hands-on experience over the best android apps available inside the AppStore of Android.

The continuous development of digitization to make each and every citizen completely aware of the technological advancements would have never been mattered if the support of Google with Android-based smartphones have not been provided.

Comparing to the strong competitor Apple, Google always proceeded further and collaborated with several low range smartphones.

The strategy helped them equipped enough and updated with Android OS. Following such grand support with versatile availability in most of the smartphones of different models, people matched their income levels and accordingly purchased the devices suitable for them.

They further made themselves frequent enough in operating the android enabled smartphones along with the list of best android apps available inside the android play store often referred to be as the AppStore. 

Additionally, ways to speed up the android device need to be understood so that the installation and accessing capabilities of the apps must be faster enough and efficient.

Best Android Apps of all time have been a choice of android smartphone lovers for the last several years. However, with the facility of continuous uploading of the apps inside the Google Play Store, the number is going on increasing day by day.

The situation has reached to such an extent that for carrying out a similar purpose, there exist multiple apps indie the AppStore. After searching for the specific app requirement, the users use to download the concerned app on the basis of several major criteria.

A few important requirements for the app to get downloaded by the users include the app size, number of downloads as well as the maximum star rating and positive reviews. On the basis of these listed criteria, the users decide and select the app for getting downloaded by them.

Best Android Apps of all time understand such major strategies and accordingly create the contents and upload them inside the platform for getting maximum downloads.
List of best android apps of all time
As there exist a number of useful and best android apps inside the AppStore, most of the users still remain untouched about their existence. 

It is, therefore, better to have an understanding of all such apps which can prove themselves extremely worthy for the users and can prove beneficial if downloaded by the users. 

The following list of points explains the list of best android apps of all time available inside the Google Play Store for instant downloads:-
  • Kindle : 
Kindle provides the users to experience and enjoy the happiness of reading e-books inside their handheld devices such as smartphones, tablets or others.

Entire contents similar to the attached amazon account can comfortably be viewed in an electronically readable pocket format e-books.

Kindle has been considered one of the best android apps of all time and is thereby being kept in the topmost position.
  • SkyFire :
SkyFire has been considered one of the best tools for web browsing and video streaming like purposes. As per the reviews collected by different users located globally, the app is capable and faster enough to perform the listed activities faster in comparison to the other available apps inside the AppStore.
  • Google Voice:
These downloads of this app have been noticed in a large number by the people all over the world following the versatile sets of features offered by it making it stand in the group of best android apps. The app empowers the users by the creation of a new number, routing up of the calls to various paths along with multi loaded sets of features including affordable and cheapest international calls, texting features for free, voice transcription related advanced functionalities, etc to name a few.
  • Places Directory:
The app provides the facilities of exploring the wanted destinations required by the users similar to that of Around Me like apps which has earlier been made available in the AppStore.

Users may search for their preferred spots including theaters, restaurants, hotels, parks, malls, etc comfortably even if the city is not well familiar to them. As per the search results, they may hire any vehicle to let them go for the place without any hassles and issues. 
  • Mint:
Mint app has been developed as the best substitute for the financial management software to manage all such financial activities enabling the people to view entire monthly budgets along with the account details at a single place.

Additionally, it ensures the safety of entire financial transactions and provides the users with regular alerts so that over budgeting like activities must not get happened. With over 10 million downloads, the popularity of the app can be imagined to put it proudly under the best android apps of all time.

  • Layer Reality Browser
The app enables the users to switch on their smartphone's camera, explore the places and get simultaneous information about the details of the places scanned by the camera.

Accordingly, the app can be considered extremely beneficial for the people who have a passion to travel and explore the real world assets with complete and authentic information.
  • Facebook
Facebook application's utility is well-known worldwide. The app enables the users to get in touch with their social circles, communicate with them via chat or even the video calls as well along with sharing and uploading their pieces of stuff concerning photographs, audios, videos, etc to name a few.

The Facebook Lite version owing to very little storage space of around 1.4 MB only has attracted the users to install it instantly on their desired devices and the total number of downloads has reached more than 1 billion. No doubt, the app is one of the best android apps which must be installed by the users to want to keep themselves regularly updated with the social happenings.
  • Lookout
Viruses and Malware attacks are extremely common to open-source devices like Android over smartphones. The chances of attack become extremely common while downloading up of any specific app from the open-source downloading platforms like Google AppStore. 

The Lookout app keeps track of all such unwanted attacks from the outside world and keeps the device up to date by scanning it continuously for the installed apps along with all the other downloading files. Accordingly, it helps the users to keep them stress-free and make the device strengthened. Best android apps can undoubtedly be issued to this app as well following the marvelous sets of functionalities. 
  •  Barcode Scanner
As we are already aware of the pricing strategies implemented over the stuff such as books, materials, groceries, etc during their purchase with support of the barcodes.

The barcode is not possible to understand by the common as the coding is done with a defined set of rules and regulations by the experts.

The barcode scanner app provides us the facility to scan the specific barcode sticker and get sufficient information about the product price along with the manufacturing details as well. It is a must-have app for android phone lovers and shoppers to stay ahead and smart. It also can be put under the best android apps category without any doubt.
  • EverNote
Evernote App available inside the Android AppStore is similar to that of a notebook to maintain daily notes over the same. Stuff that needs to remember can instantly get noted over the platform with cloud syncing capabilities as well. Accordingly, it will not matter how long is the entered note, as the cloud back up capacity will take on the charge without any further worries of storage space.
  • Authy:
Authy is one of the best android apps of all time due to the multi loaded sets of inbuilt features. Smartphones are not said smart only by their names, instead, they have the smart sets of features as well including the password management capabilities for several lists of worthy apps over the device.

As long as the smartphone is under our control, no issue arises as the administrative capacity of entire password management is monitored and governed by us. However, it becomes difficult for us and creates a tensed situation if someone else knows our password due to our negligence.

Authy app proves beneficial in all such situations as it generates a 2-step verification on the phone and thereby providing the concerned original user's desire for getting the app unlocked. 
  • FakeGPS
The FakeGPS app enables the smartphone to hide the location and serve other results in consultation with the various websites including FourSquare, Google Maps, etc to name a few.

These apps which very often use to track the information concerning our location will track the false one and will accordingly serve the fake location and thereby maintaining our privacy. Following such brilliant sets of features, the app has been kept under the best android apps of all time without any doubts.
  • Protect
The Protect app has been a VPN and data manager kind of app developed by the Facebook authorities for keeping an eye on the amount of data spent over the device for carrying out various functions along with the added features of blocking the installed apps to frequently use the mobile data in the background and thereby saving the same for other useful purposes in the future. Information is also kept safe and confidential even on the public wi-fi network with the use of a VPN.
  • Firefox Focus
Most of the time, we do not want the browser to remember our browsed websites and other concerned information. Firefox focus does the same thing and whenever any user browses their wanted websites over the platform and gets exit from there, the entire browsed history with collected information over the cache gets instantly deleted permanently.

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A similar set of features are also being provided by Google in incognito mode to the users. Being loved and installed by the people in a large reaching millions, the app can definitely be regarded as one of the best android apps of all time available over the AppStore
  •  Grammarly:
Grammarly app available on the Google AppStore is one of the most downloaded apps with over 1 million downloads in the shortest period of time. The app enables the users o get their sentences and paragraphs instantly checked for errors either the errors minor or major.

Prior to posting any specific post or e-mailing any special letter to someone, it is required to get our created paragraphs checked via the Grammarly app to avoid silly as well as the blunder mistakes.  
  • Files Go
Android users very often suffer from a shortage of storage space over their concerned Android devices. As a result, they find themselves inefficient to store further files over the device.

Files Go app developed by Google will enable the user to detect the list of unwanted stuff including the unused apps, miscellaneous files, duplicate files, temporary files, etc whose nonexistence will not matter for the users a lot. Accordingly, the user can select all those and get them instantly deleted using the app from their device to save and retrieve the storage for further file storing capabilities.

The number of downloads owing to the rich set of features with a storage space of merely 8.5 MB has reached over 10 million in a very short period of time and going on increasing consistently due to the trust of Google over the persons. Files Go is therefore considered the best android apps of all time whose installation inside the smartphone will definitely matter a lot. 
  • Notin:
Notin App helps the users to set and pin important reminders over the platform. The app's ability makes it available and sits silently over the notification bar of the smartphone to make the users aware of their upcoming activity. The users get reminded of their tasks by the Notin app which is yet to be done.
  • Timbre
Timbre is one of the best android apps available inside the Google AppStore for smartphone lovers. Timbre is a must-have app for smartphone lovers who enjoy playing over the different media files format. Using the app, the users can immediately manipulate the video or the audio files by cutting or joining them together to make a completely new file with different sets of features. The newly created file can then be transferred or shared as per the user's requirements.

The list of apps discussed above is the list of best android apps of all time made available over the Google AppStore or the Play Store. As per the requirements, the best suitable apps can be chosen and downloaded by the concerned user to carry out their purposes. 

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