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Google Certified Online IT Certification Courses For Sure Success

Google Certified Online IT Certification Courses For Sure SuccessOnline IT based courses and certifications from renowned software companies such as Google is the choice of most of the students as well as the young IT professionals to boost up their career graphs quickly. The current edge can be considered as the edge of competitions where only the fittest candidates in all the aspects are selected by the software industries in the designated positions. The organizations including the renowned software companies such as Google, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle conducts the various in-campus and off-campus interview programs to select the multi talented students in their respective field of operations. All the software companies are dependent upon their quality software professionals working in various capacities such as Software Developer, Software Engineer, Software Architect, Database Administrator, System Analyst, Cloud Computing Expert, Networking Specialist, Android Developer, Programmers under their administrative control. The software industries already have a huge expansion of their businesses all over the world in various countries. They have high paying and well reputed clients globally whose whole and sole faith is dependent upon the quality works delivered by the software companies and ultimately the software companies prefer to hire only such kind of professionals from the renowned educational institutions such as IIT, IIM etc who are well capable and quality oriented to deliver the quality output to the clients for a more better relationships with them in the future. Accordingly, the software professionals are paid extremely well by the software companies and most of the times, their annual package touches even crores of Indian rupees.
Reputed and multinational software companies tend to hire software professionals from renowned educational institutes, however other several criteria including off-campus interviews are also organized by them periodically to hire the talented IT professionals.
The selected IT professionals by famous IT companies are generally well equipped with desired educational qualifications and throughout best academic records. However, most of the selected professionals are highly professional by nature and willing to switch over to some other company who pays them far better in comparison to the currently working company. Accordingly, in addition to the training provided to them, they are always in search of Online Distance Learning IT Certifications from renowned organizations like Google. Online distance learning certifications are preferred by most of the working as well as non-working professionals including students too to give their career a boost in the field of IT. Traditional educational qualifications including Engineering, Management etc are done by a lot of students studying in the educational institutions. No matter a student has studied from IIT, IIM or somewhere else, the main focus which needs to be paid by the students is only to attain short term certifications which are in high demand. Such short term degrees or certificate courses will differentiate them from the masses where any recruitment procedures are going to be performed and accordingly such people including IT professionals and students will get priority to get selected for the recruiting software company.
Google online courses and certifications
Keeping in view the importance of online distance learning courses/certifications for a rewarding career opportunity, one of the most renowned IT giant 'Google' has launched several types of courses targeted on such professionals and career oriented students.
The list of courses with necessary and sufficient information extremely beneficial for the professional growth of students as well as the working IT professionals in the form of online distance learning IT certifications organized by Google are mentioned as follows :

Mobile Web Specialist Certification : 

Mobile Web Specialist Certification course organized by Google is concentrated towards the young IT professionals who want themselves to get explored by showing their mobile web development skills. The latest technological advancements has proved mobiles and smartphones a fully loaded gadget sufficient of performing any kind of work by itself which can be done with the help of a laptop or a desktop. Even the websites being developed now-a-days have to be fully responsive meaning thereby, they must be opened in any mobile device comfortably with responsive layouts. Even most of the websites are visited via smartphones only all over the world and therefore the websites having the responsive features are ranked in the search engines more faster in comparison to others. Therefore, Mobile Web Specialists are in huge demand by the software companies and they can be hired only if they have done the concerned certification course from reputed organization such as Google. Complete course is taught online by Google trainers and after the course completion, examination is conducted which is performance based in which the candidates are asked to write codes in a set of exam based tasks to demonstrate the learned skills. This complete certification is currently costing $99 for a limited time period. Government approved ID is required to get enrolled for the course. Soon after passing the examination conducted by Google, Mobile Web Certification will be awarded to the candidate in the form of an electronic badge. The badge will itself be well equipped and available from a centralized repository which can even be searched by the potential employers globally. The badge can even be included in the resume before applying to a specific job and can also be embedded on the social sites along with the candidates profiles such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook etc to name a few.

Associate Android Developer :

Associate Android Developer is another online certification course organized by Google keeping in view the candidates as well as the working IT professionals in the field of Android development to boost up their software career. Android is one of the most widely used operating systems all over world developed by Google. Owing to it's multi user friendly features as well as the high end but affordable specifications, the people of all the classes ranging from students to high end salaried as well as business professionals opt to go for Android based smartphones. It's popularity is going on increasing day by day and accordingly the latest versions of Android by Google is also being released regularly for a more better and updated user interface with distinguished set of unique features. The course curriculum of Associate Android Developer is designed keeping in view that even an entry level professional who is willing to boost up his career can instantly be benefited after completing this course. Moreover, working professionals in the field of Android with any software company can even opt for the course to get rid off difficulties often encountered in his professional life. The examination conducted after the course completion is totally performance based where the candidates are given a coding project on the basis of starter app. The candidates will be evaluated and accordingly asked to add the essential functionality and to fix bugs. Examination contents or the examination mode will be based on adding the functionality as per the necessity as well as fixation of bugs as and where required. The entire course fees will be $149 USD. After completing the registration process, the interested candidate will be required to pay for the concerned examination as well as to complete the exam. Grading process will be performed after successfully submitting and just after this process, identity will need to be verified by the candidate. Following the same, Government issued ID will be required. After successfully qualifying, exit interview will needed to be set up by the candidate where work related information and proof of identity will be asked for submission. Successfully passing the Exit interview will entitle the candidate to get awarded with Associate Android Developer by Google online. 

Google Cloud Certified - Professional Cloud Architect :

Cloud Computing is one of the most widely used technology all over the world to serve several purposes. Most of the software companies including Google offers cloud based services to it's clients located everywhere in the world to access high end software services as well as to store their data and information securely over the cloud of these software industries. Clouds are nothing but the combination of technologies which offers several services to the users. Cloud based services are not confined only up to storage of data and information over the internet cloud, however, it offers other several services including playing high end online games, using software such as Photoshop online etc. Google Drive by Google, One-Drive by Microsoft etc are few cloud based services working on Cloud Computing technology. One of the best advantage of Cloud Computing based services is that the users can access their stored data and information from anywhere and from any of the device including Mobiles, Tabs, Laptops or any other just having an internet connection. Following the increasing popularity of Cloud Computing all over the world among almost all the persons using smartphones to carry out their daily works, the demand of Cloud Computing professionals in the software companies have also increased. In order to get the IT professionals and students fully loaded with concepts of Cloud Computing, Google has introduced this online distance learning course. After successfully competing this course, the candidates will have a complete understanding of cloud architecture and cloud platform which will enable the professionals to successfully design, develop and manage the secure and dynamic solutions to meet the zenith of business success. This certification course will enable the trained professional to design and plan a cloud based structure, optimize and accordingly analyze the various business objectives, cloud architecture management implementations as well ensuring the various solution and operations related reliability. The online essential test for getting the certification provided by Google will consist of 2 hours duration with a registration fee of $200 USD after opting for an online test center for needful. After going through the essential formalities including fees submission and successfully passing the examination, the candidate will be honored with this highly valued online certificate course for a golden future ahead.

Google Cloud Certified-Professional Data Engineer :

This online certification course will examine the candidate's awareness as well proficiency the adequate designing and making up of the data-processing systems. Creativity of candidates towards building up of the machine learning models is also examined following the essential test criteria on the provided Google platform. The finally qualified Cloud Certified Professional Data Engineer will be confident and knowledgeable enough of data driven decision making capabilities. The learned professional will find himself competent of doing so by several processes including the collection, transformation and visualization of the provided data and information. The examination conducted by Google will be targeted towards designing up of the data processing machines and systems, building and maintaining up the various gathered data structures along with the adequate design for reliability, security and compliance as per the necessities. Professional Data Engineer examination is required to be passed before earning this online certification provided by Google.The examination will consist of multiple choice questions with facility of multiple answer selection also. The question will be made available to the candidates in English as well as Japanese too. As per the test center location, the candidates will be required to get appeared. The total duration of the examination will be of 4 hours and the registration fee will be $200 USD.
Google certified online IT courses and certifications
The courses and certifications provided by Google listed above can be considered as life changing course for the students and IT professionals who are willing to serve in the software field and planning to get a go ahead continuously during their career span.

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