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Expert Review on Apex Hosting in 2021: Get Started Just at $2.99 Per Month with 99.9% Uptime and 24/7 Servers

Expert Review on Apex Hosting in 2021: Get Started Just at $2.99 Per Month with 99.9% Uptime and 24/7 Servers

Apex Hosting is one of the largest, secured, and super-reliable Minecraft Server Hosting for the people working in the MC multiplayer level. The initial rental is easy to afford even for beginners by paying just $2.99 per month where the installation process hardly takes 5 minutes to make it ongoing. 

Apex Hosting

This Minecraft Apex Hosting provides the features like a free domain name for the MC gamers, DDoS protection, 99.9% uptime, automated backups of the data, 24/7 online chat support, and a range of other functionalities. Moreover, the web service helps you process the information using the Java and Bedrock servers at exceptionally amazing speeds. 

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Apex server hosting is perfectly suitable for beginners as well as the experienced individuals featured with the updated hardware from the leading datacenters all across the world. This web hosting service is well-equipped with the MC Control Panel helping beginners to understand the next level of operations after installing the server. 

This Apex Hosting Review helps you install within the home PC with the simplest hardware configuration. More than 15 locations all across the world can help you access the server even without any technical knowledge to operate on the web servers. The latest hardware from the leading datacenters all across the world makes the processing lag-free and thereby provides added security and reliability. 

Why Choose Apex Hosting: Features, Specifications, and Overall Benefits

  • American Minecraft Server Host
Apex Hosting is featured under the American Minecraft Server Host established in early 2013. Minecraft Apex Hosting service specializes only in the Minecraft Server and adequately suitable for small and medium-sized businesses looking forward to affordable hosting plans. 
  • Affordable Pricing, Quick Support, and Increased Uptime
Apex Hosting is the best-preferred choice for businesses that prioritize performance, added support, and increased uptime-like functionalities. Depending upon the necessity of the RAM required for your server, the pricing of the Minecraft Apex Hosting server is decided.

Additionally, the Apex Hosting customers can avail of a 5% discount by paying once every three months, or even a 10% discount by paying the amount once a year.  Depending upon the RAM usage like 1 GB, 3 GB, or 10 GM, the pricing of the server is decided. 

Apex Hosting

As per the reliable sources, the customers used to avail 25 player servers, 75 player servers, and 400 player servers concerning the gigabytes usage as mentioned above. Keeping similar figures in consideration, the customers can get charged an amount of $3.99/ month, $9.99/ month, and $33.90 per month which seems extremely affordable in all aspects. 
  • Increased Uptime with DDoS Protection
Apex Hosting is here to offer the increased 24/7 uptime with DDoS protection capabilities. The proven track record of hosting over 75000 customers can help you with this best web hosting service for your businesses. Only after providing the best services in terms of overall performance, reliability, and anytime customer care assistance, the customers relied upon the service and decided to move ahead with this Apex Minecraft Hosting Service
  • High-End Performance
The high-end performance of the Apex Hosting service comes forward in terms of the different accessing advantages of the hosting service. One can get to pick about 20 different accessing locations of the hosting service from different geographical locations across the world. The locations include Oregon, Nevada, California, Florida, Texas, Brazil, United Kingdom, Russia, China, Australia, Turkey, Israel, Germany, Singapore, Virginia, Poland, and others. 

Apex Hosting

The Apex Hosting Review helps you understand the concept that suits the gamers, and provide the needful assistance for the gamers of different categories. This smaller and mid-sized server helps you fulfill all your hosting necessities without providing any form of VPS, or dedicated hosting place. 

Adding more to the performance of this Apex Minecraft Hosting service, one can get to avail the following advantages and understand the server's potential:-
  • Availability of 24/7 servers with over 99.9% uptime possibilities.
  • Get to start within 5 minutes, with the provision of Java and Bedrock edition servers. 
  • Avail premium series of enriched hardware with the least latency rates. 
  • All Mod and Plugin support along with 1-Click Modpack installers for maximum performance. 
  • Already available premade minigames and free server transfer possibility.
  • Complete access to the My SQL Database for ensured access to the information anytime.
  • Free Subdomain and Automated Backups
All the orders to access the Apex Hosting deserve a free subdomain in the form of a free to access web address. Furthermore, you will be able to avail the automated backups of the information as well, and thereby feel assured about the unnecessary data losses. Without these automated backup features, you can certainly face data loss due to the reasons like hardware failures, or improper configuration setups.  
  • Instant Setup of the Interface with Powerful Control Panel
The customers can get to automatically set up the complete Apex Server Hosting interface within minutes and initiate the workings from day 1 itself. To manage things more appropriately, you get to access the powerful and feature-packed control panel to take care of the complete settings with just a mouse click. You get to access the Multicraft 2.0 panel from any of the devices like your laptop, or even mobile phones. 

Adding more to the above-mentioned features, you get proven support for all of Minecraft including Minigames, Maps, Mods, Plugins, and several others. Most importantly, the countless number of server versions, low latency connections, and industry-oriented support made Apex Hosting world-class in every single aspect. Get to avail of the service as low as $2.99 per month with the best configurations. 

To cap it all, the Minecraft server associated with the Apex Hosting works as the host for storing the Minecraft games for you as well as the concerned players under the team. The players get to experience the smoothest game playing experience using the server with reliable configuration. With the consistent upgrades within the Apex Server Hosting, Minecraft is the most-preferred hosting server in use today.

Apex Hosting

Pros of Apex Hosting 

  • The users feel the freedom of deciding and exiting the specific Minecraft Mods. 
  • Availability of the DDoS protection helps you maintain the online connectivity of the server with 24/7 uptime. 
  • Get to install and play the best Modpacks with a single mouse click. 
  • Huge data centers providing a nearby location for almost all the available customers. This results in the ultra-low latency of the Apex Hosting.
  • Free subdomain availability, 5 minutes setup, and feature-rich control panel.
  • The successful hosting of over 200000 Minecraft servers proves sufficient reliability on the Minecraft Apex Hosting server.
  • Independency to create your own small community of gamers and enjoy hassle-free entertainment. 
  • Provision of industry-leading support to troubleshoot unnecessary and unwanted issues. 
  • Availability of over 1GBPS uplink providing around 99.9% reliability of the network. 
  • Diverse server locations all across the world providing assured connectivity. 
  • Inclusion of Multicraft that seems similar to cPanel. 
  • Live Chat and 24/7 technical assistance for troubleshooting. 
  • One can get to pick about 20 different accessing locations of the hosting service from different geographical locations across the world. The locations include Oregon, Nevada, California, Florida, Texas, Brazil, United Kingdom, Russia, China, Australia, Turkey, Israel, Germany, Singapore, Virginia, Poland, and others. 

Cons of Apex Hosting

The Apex Hosting does not provide multiple language support and thereby the problem may occur for the people residing at different locations of the world.  

Frequently Asked Questions on Apex Hosting 

1.  Why Apex Hosting is considered the best Minecraft Server Hosting?

AnswerApex Hosting fulfills all the vital criteria that a reliable web hosting should hold. The users get high-end performance, excellent uptime, helpful live chat support, powerful control panel, DDoS protection, low latency, and several other features. Furthermore, the hosting is exceptionally affordable with high-end processors to fulfill your requirements. 

2. Is it free to access Minecraft Apex Hosting?

Answer: No, Apex Hosting never offers free access to the consumers, but the monthly charges are amazingly affordable starting just at $2.99 per month and go ahead as per the chosen plan. 

3. Is it possible to edit the settings like resetting the world, ticket-fixing, and others?

Answer: Yes, it is extremely easy to reset the settings, and make the necessary changes by logging into their powerful control panel. The settings are very easy that even a layman can initiate them easily. 

Apex Hosting


To sum up, Apex Hosting is the best available Minecraft Server Hosting and provides all the essential features to avail at affordable pricing. Being dedicatedly responsible for all your hosting desires, you can avail yourself of Java and Bedrock edition servers, 99.9% uptime, free transfer of the servers, premium hardware with the least ever latency time, Mod & Plugin support, 24/7 customer-care assistance, 5-minute setup procedure, and several others. Get started with Apex Hosting now and avail the benefits. 

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