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Best buy feature rich mobile phone comparison among Nokia 6 (2018), Redmi Note 5 Pro and Honor 7X in 2018

Best buy feature rich mobile phone comparison among Nokia 6 (2018), Redmi Note 5 Pro and Honor 7X in 2018 : Purchasing a best featured smartphone with maximum configuration under a reasonable price is the dream of all the people planning to buy a smartphone in the near future. In the year 2018, most of the global brands including Nokia, Redmi and Honor have introduced their latest smartphone models by the names Nokia 6 (2018), Xiomi Redmi Note 5 and Honor 7X smartphones which are best featured as well as affordable too. There exists a majority of people who opts to go for such a mobile phone which is affordable under their budget with best specifications. Talking about the population interested to go for a feature rich smartphone under minimum budget, there exists a vast majority of people who are underpaid and students also. Managing a huge sum of amount to purchase a gadget in the form of featured smartphone is of course their dream but they often try to look forward to any such opportunity which promotes them to buy their desired device of a world reputed brand under their budget. Those were the days when keeping merely a Java enabled mobile phone was a sign of repute for the students. Even highly paid professionals also felt themselves proud to have a mobile phone in their coat's pocket. But, the days have already changed and a storm of IT based revolution have created such an environment where even small children have the concepts to operate high end smartphones with equipped latest technologies. The requirements of even primary class school students are also extremely higher where without the use of high end android or iOS based software, there education cannot get a right path towards success. Thus, keeping up of the feature rich smartphones has become a trend for the students as well as for the working professionals too. Operating system under the smartphones still matters but the demand of Android enabled smartphone is obviously higher in comparison to Apple all over the world following it's best user interface and other several features which are top rated all over the world. 
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Best smartphones 2018-Nokia 6 (2018) vs Xiomi Redmi Note 5 Pro vs Honor 7X Comparison
Nokia has recently launched it's series of smartphones in India with the kind support of HMD global who is actually responsible and licensed for distributing the smartphones of this big brand in India. Nokia 8, Nokia 7 as well as Nokia 6 (2018) have already been launched in India by this biggest international mobile phone brand. It is a new come back for this huge smartphone manufacturer who had a monopoly few years back in the global smartphone market. The reason for it's wide success was the versatility in the manufactured models which was manufactured keeping in view the taste of almost all the classes of people from small children, students, working professionals as well as old aged people too. The price range of the models manufactured under this big brand Nokia was also extremely eye catching and affordable. But, after the dominance of several other biggest smartphone brands with more set of inbuilt features and specifications, the existed monopoly went on decreasing continuously and there also came a period when this big brand Nokia was thrown out of this smartphone market. In comparison to the already launched Nokia smartphone models by the name Nokia 6 (2018), Nokia 7 and Nokia 8,  Nokia 6 is the cheapest smartphone model with fully loaded set of features and specifications. All the introduced models by Nokia come under the Android One segment of Google introduced with timely updates. Along with the introduced smartphone models of Nokia, there exists several other smartphone brands in the race with fully loaded set of features and specifications with affordable price range including Redmi Note 5 and Honor 7X smartphones
Best smartphones of 2018-Nokia 6 vs Xiomi Redmi Note 5 vs Honor 7X
Let us have a discussion among these famous and newly introduced feature rich smartphone models including Nokia 6 (2018), Redmi Note 5 and Honor 7X by the help of following important properties:
  • Processor : 
So far as the issue of processor power of these newly introduced  smartphones are concerned, Nokia 6 (2018) is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 630 processor. This descent processor power puts this smartphone in a affordable price range but with high processing abilities.  Talking about the other smartphone's processor power, Xiomi Redmi Note 5 has been muscled with Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 processor for performing more faster operations in it's segment. However, Honor 7X is not built with the previously introduced processors but it has been developed with the Honor company's own Kirin 659 processor. Following more advanced set of processor power in Xiomi Redmi Note 5 and Honor 7X smartphones, Nokia is yet going to meet with advanced set of competitions and difficulties with it's competitor smartphone brands to keep itself top rated in the smartphone market. Other than Nokia 6 (2018), Xiomi Redmi Note 5 and Honor 7X is yet considered the best buy feature rich smartphones as compared to it's top competitor Nokia.
  • Screen Display :
Talking about the display of Nokia 6 (2018) smartphone, it has been powered with 5.5 inch full HD display and 1080*1920 pixel resolution has been provided by the company in this smartphone model.  Talking about the Xiomi Redmi Note 5, the phone fulfills itself with 5.99 inch full HD plus display along with 1080*2160 pixel resolutions ability. However, Honor 7X smartphone is supported with a full screen displaying ability of 5.93 inch with 1080*2160 pixel resolutions. Therefore, in this point of merit also, the Nokia 6 (2018) model again fails to challenge it's competitors Xiomi Redmi Note 5 and Honor 7X because Nokia definitely lags behind by providing an extremely lower quality display ratio of only 16:9 while the other two smartphone models are overloaded with 18:9 display metrics. Challenge is yet there for Nokia in terms of screen display ability also to put itself in front face in this wide smartphone market.
  • Battery Power :
Battery power is one of the major points to be considered even by a new smartphone user also when buying a feature rich and affordable smartphone. Almost all of us are well aware of the fact that more the battery power, more will be the time of the phone's stability and accordingly much more time can be spent doing our smartphone based works. Talking about the Nokia 6 (2018) model,  the smartphone is provided only with 3000mAh battery power. However, talking about it's competitor models including Xiomi Redmi Note 5 and Honor 7X, the provided battery powers are 4000 mAh and 3340 mAh respectively for both the models. In this race of competition, Redmi Note 5 only leads the target in comparison to the other two famous models. Nokia 6 (2018) yet fails in competition and thereby reducing it's market value in front of the smartphone users. Strong battery power is considered one of the best specification which adds any smartphone brand in the list of fully loaded and feature rich set of smartphones.
  • Operating System :
Discussing about the use of different operating systems in the different smartphone models, Nokia 6 (2018) comes with Android 8.0 Oreo operating system (OS). Nokia 6 (2018) is an Android One smartphone as already introduced by the company. The company has indicated about it's timely updates and security patches as well as upgrade of the operating system to Android P also. The competitor models of Nokia including Xiomi Redmi Note 5 Pro as well as Honor 7X has been reported to run Android 7.0 Nougat operating system (OS) only and therefore these two models are slightly backward in comparison to the competitor Nokia. Android Nougat is obviously an older version in comparison to Android Oreo and Android P and the best comparison in between Nougat and Oreo can be well understood by getting the several points of differences. Nokia definitely leads the race in this property not only by providing the latest operating system but also by making the smartphone capable of getting upgraded to Android P.
  • Camera :
So far as the matter of camera quality in all the three smartphones are concerned, Nokia 6 (2018) is packed with 16 MP rear camera and 8 MP selfie camera along with inbuilt ZEISS options and dual tone LED flash light. The selfie shooting front camera is also powered by f/2.0 aperture in Nokia 6 smartphone. Talking about Xiomi Redmi Note 5 Pro, the phone supports dual rear camera setup which differentiates it along with Nokia 6. The rear end camera is supported with 12 MP and 5 MP sensors with LED flash lights. The primary camera is of 12 MP with f/2.2 aperture, however, the secondary 5 MP camera is powered with aperture f/2.0. Above all these listed camera features, the front end of the smartphone is powered with 20 MP selfie camera with LED flash light also. Comparing Xiomi Redmi Note 5 Pro with Honor 7X, the  Honor 7X smartphone is equipped with dual rear camera with 16 MP and 2 MP sensors along with 8 MP snapper also for taking cool selfies with maximum quality. Comparing Nokia 6 (2018) along with Xiomi Redmi Note 5 Pro and Honor 7X, Nokia 6 (2018) is yet not at all comparable in the sense of feature rich camera qualities. Nokia 6 therefore still remains backward in the race of making the phone fully loaded and feature rich by means of high camera quality.  
  • Primary Memory or RAM :
Talking about the RAM capacity of these already discussed smartphone brands, Nokia 6 (2018) is powered with 32GB/ 64GB internal storage along with 3GB/ 4GB RAM. Talking about Xiomi Redmi Note 5 Pro, the smartphone is loaded with 4 GB RAM with 64 GB internal storage and 6 GB RAM with 64 GB internal storage capacities. However, Honor 7X is equipped with 4 GB RAM and 32 GB/64 GB storage capacities. Expandable memory related provisions have been provided with all the three mentioned smartphone models. Comparing the performance of these three smartphone models in the sense of RAM, Xiomi Redmi Note 5 wins the race as it provides more better RAM capacity in the similar price range.
  •  Price of Purchase :
Coming to the price range of all these discussed smartphone models, Nokia 6 (2018) is available for purchase at a price of Rs. 16,999. However, Xiomi Redmi Note 5 Pro and Honor 7X has been made available to be purchased at an initial price tag of Rs. 13,999 and 12,999 respectively in metros of India. Looking at the price range of all these three smartphone models, Nokia is still very much ahead of the other two models despite of the fact that it lags behind in several already discussed features. Nokia thinks too cash it's brand name yet but in this strong competitive market where more better and feature rich smartphones are already available for purchase even in a lower price range, people will think several times before purchasing the Nokia 6 (2018) smartphone. 

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