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How To Find Lost Mobile Phone Using Android Device Manager in 2021 | Track Lost Phone With Google Device Manager

How To Find Lost Mobile Phone Using Android Device Manager in 2021 | Track Lost Phone With Google Device Manager : Phone lost ! What to do next ? All the data and valuable information stored in our smartphones are saved exclusively for us which can be extremely dangerous if misused by any unknown people. Google's Android Device Manager or Google Device Manager helps to overcome such bigger difficulty with an easy to use application hidden inside our android phones. Android phones are being used by the maximum percentage of people all over the world and finding out the lost android phone is the most troublesome task for any individual. The valuable information stored in our android based smartphones may be in the form of important contacts, photographs, notes, bank related details including account numbers, credit card details, net banking related information and even many more. Most of the people feel themselves confident to handle their individual smartphones with care but their phones also often get misplaced due to carelessness or some other reasons. The situation becomes extremely troublesome because it is really extremely difficult for the people to get their lost smartphones tracked with all the saved information. The situation becomes similar to find out any specific colored pearl in the Arabian Sea. Even after reporting to the concerned police station, their procedures does not guarantee to get the lost android mobile phone tracked with all the saved information. 

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The information saved inside the phone in the form of saved data can result into a bigger loss if misused by any thief mentality people. It is therefore better to utilize the beneficial applications of technology ourselves to find the lost mobile phone using Google's Android Device ManagerAll the android phones are equipped with this safety feature by the name Android Device Manager  to track the exact location of lost android phone  ourselves. This Google's application also provides several other benefits including  finding out the most recent location, ringing the smartphone, locking the smartphone as well as erasing the entire data from the smartphone if detected in an unknown remote location. Google's Find My Device is the new name for Android Device Manager which helps us to find our lost android phone or even tablet by understanding and following few simple list of steps. Similar to Lookout and Samsung's Find My Device, this service also works in a similar fashion to track the lost android phones with complete accuracy. Google has already provided an environment to successfully run Android Device Manager in the background of every new android phones and tablets. The device connected with internet connection either by WiFi or SIM provides the facility to successfully execute Android Device Manager in the background. The facility is uploaded with a feature to successfully report the happenings via our Google accounts with the help of any specific web browser. This feature is therefore extremely helpful in tracking the lost android phone's location even while travelling. 
Android Device Manager
Track your lost android phone using Android Device Manager

How to Activate Android Device Manager

To activate the Android Device Manager, perform the following list of steps :
  • Go to Settings and select Security option
  • Scroll down to Device Administrators.
  • An option by the name 'Android Device Manager' will be displayed.
  • To enable it, tick the checkbox to immediately activate the service. 
Soon after performing the above list of steps, the concerned service will start functioning as when it is required.
Find My Device/ Android Device Manager by Google

How To Track Lost Mobile Phone Using Android Device Manager

The following list of steps needs to be followed to track or find out the lost mobile phone using Android Device Manager or Google's Device Manager service :-
  • Open any web browser and type The url will open 'Find My Device' service by Google.
  • The user will be prompted to enter the Google account details for accessing the available list of options.
  • The device manager service will be launched after successfully entering the Google account details.
  • If the phone is switched on and connected with the internet, the device manager will be able to find the phone within few seconds.
  • The exact position of the phone will be displayed with the help of Google Map. The screen needs to be refreshed at regular intervals for tracking the real time location of the phone with Google Maps and to diagnose whether the phone is moving or not.
  • If the phone is kept inside the house and if it is not being searched manually, then the 'RING' button needs to be clicked inside the provided interface. This action will enable the phone to ring for 5 minutes continuously in the full volume. After finding out the phone, the power button needs to be pressed for stopping the ring immediately.
  • If the device has been lost outside at an unknown location and if the user thinks to get it by attempting a few list of efforts, then the 'LOCK' option needs to be clicked inside the provided interface of 'Find My Device' service. Selecting this option will immediately lock the phone's screen. The original user of the phone can further send a message asking that unknown person who finds the device to contact immediately. 
  • Finally, if we analyse that the device is stolen and cannot get recovered after attempting various list of steps, then we can simply click the 'ERASE' button to completely format, and delete the entire phone's data by performing a factory reset.
In case of using and handling more than one android device, it is better to have Android Device Manager or Find My Device app installed on both individual smartphones to easily track the location of both these android devices if lost due to any issues. 

How to Track in Case the Phone is Switched Off

Google's Find My Device or Android Device Manager works with extreme efficiency and nicely if the phone is switched on with the provided data connection. However, even if the phone is switched off, the 'ERASE' command works nicely as the command immediately executes soon after the phone gets switched on and connected to the data network. Above all these technological options provided by Google, the original user of the phone can file a complaint in the nearest police station soon after losing the phone to get it immediately tracked by the concerned police officers with their high end searching techniques.

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