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Motera Cricket Stadium: Top 15 Facts to Know About World's Biggest Cricket Stadium

Motera Cricket Stadium: Amazing Facts to Know About the World's Biggest Stadium Ready For Inauguration: Motera Stadium (Sardar Patel Stadium) in Gujrat is proud to hold the crown of being the world's largest stadium. As per the information shared by BCCI on Twitter, it has been made clear that the stadium will be the largest ever in the world's history. 
Australia's Melbourne Cricket Stadium was the largest world stadium to date. However, due to the consistent efforts of India's honorable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, India will be holding this crown defeating Australia. 

What a great day will it be when US President Mr.Donald Trump will be visiting and inaugurating Motera Cricket Stadium in Gujrat on February 24th, 2020 along with his family. Mr. President will be visiting along with his wife, daughter, son-in-law, as well as the panel of government officials.  


Facts to Know About Motera Cricket Stadium (Sardar Patel Stadium) Gujrat:

  1. The Motera stadium is constructed in the Ahmedabad city of Gujrat. Exploring the information shared by BCCI, it is the largest cricket stadium having a sitting capacity of 1 lakh 10 thousand people. 
  2. Providing a tribute to the greatest freedom fighter Sardar Patel, the stadium was renamed from Gujrat Stadium to Sardar Patel Stadium. It is also known as Motera Stadium.
  3. During the year 1984, an ODI was hosted in this Motera stadium. Gujrat government later decided to reconstruct the stadium and prepare the place to become the largest cricket stadium in the world. 
  4. The overall expenditure in the reconstruction of Motera Cricket Stadium Gujrat is estimated at around seven billion rupees. 
  5. In case there will not be any change in the program, the inauguration ceremony is most likely to occur on February 24th, 2020. 
  6. US President Mr. Donald Trump will be the chief invitee on the occasion. He will be visiting the place along with his wife, daughter, son-in-law, along with several US government officials. 
  7. As per the sources, the stadium will host an exhibition match between Asia X1 and World X1 this year later.
  8. There will be a welcome event by the name 'Namaste Trump' in which US President will inaugurate the Motera stadium, Gujrat along with the Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi.
  9. The stadium will be open for all after the inauguration ceremony by the US President. It will be open perhaps next week for the matches and visiting purposes. 
  10. The people will be required to sit at their particular booked seat number only. Every single process will be automated and authenticated via a bar code mechanism. 
  11. The people of every single seat will be able to get the obstructed view of the Motera cricket stadium (as per the reliable sources).
  12. People can park around 3000 cars and 10000 two-wheelers inside the Motera stadium arena.
  13. Motera Cricket Stadium, Gujrat will be having 11 different cricket pitches made from the combination of three different soil combinations. 
  14. Inside the Motera stadium, Gujrat, there will be the availability of 4 dressing rooms, along with 76 corporate boxes, along with a king-size swimming pool for the players. 
  15. There will even be an indoor cricket stadium inside the Motera stadium arena. It will even have a dedicated hostel provision for 40 different athletes. 
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