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6 Best Zoom App Alternatives for Video Conferencing in 2021


Hey Readers! Are you looking forward to the best Zoom app alternatives for the video conferencing process? Do you want your information to be safe and secure during the calls? 

Due to the data spying concerns by the Zoom app, the people all over the world are losing the trust and trying for the best alternatives. The article will let you know about the best alternatives to the Zoom app for video calling

best zoom alternatives for video conferencing

We all are aware of the COVID 19 Pandemics globally. This led the companies to target the work from home policies via the implementations of video conferencing apps

Following the diverse applicability, the Zoom App for video conferencing started gaining worldwide popularity. 

Since the launch of Zoom Cloud Meetings in 2013, the world relied on it and started preferring the Zoom app over the others. At such troublesome situations where the work from home became the people’s necessity, the app noticed a huge rise in the downloading and global usage.   

As per the sources, the Zoom app successfully attracted over 200 million active users daily during the last month. The figure was around 10 million in the earlier days. 

Despite such a huge database of users and the greatest specifications, the Zoom app was blamed to leak out the people’s data and sending them to Facebook using the Facebook Graph API

This safety and security vulnerability forced the people to look out for alternatives to the Zoom app.  

Best Alternatives to Zoom for Video Conferencing:

1.          Google Hangouts

This is the greatest online video conferencing platform by Google with numerous capabilities. The app is available with robust sets of features along with the text, voice, and screen sharing capabilities. 

Features and Specifications:
  1. It comes with the G-Suite having diversely applicable features.
  2. 250 users at a time via video calls, voice calls, and text messages.
  3. Free hangout can hold up to 150 users via signing into their Google account. 
  4. Available for free, and the paid plan starts at $25 per month. 
  5. Access to the Google document services including Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc.
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2.          Skype:

Skype is one of the oldest and reliable videos conferencing app and the best alternative to the Zoom app. It obviously wins the race of being the greatest zoom app alternative for numerous people globally. 

Features and Specifications:
  1. Applicable to a small group of people up to 50 participants.
  2. Unlimited time availability and perfect for smaller companies.
  3. Available with the call recording functionality.
  4. Provision of saving and sharing the recording for up to one month.
  5. The facility of chatting, call using phone number, screen sharing, call recording, etc. 
3.          Microsoft Teams:

Microsoft Teams is another alternative to the Zoom app for initiating the video calls. The app is applicable both for the free as well as the paid users with different functionalities.

Features and Specifications:
  1. Capability to share the PowerPoint presentations during the duration.
  2. Utilization of personal e-mail addresses for signing into the free account.
  3. Up to 300 members, guest accessing, screen sharing, group calls for the low tier versions. 
  4. Applicability of file sharing up to 1 TB per user.
  5. Administrator’s access to the management, safety, security, and compliance-based tools.  
  6. The paid version starts just at $5 per month.
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4.          GoToMeeting:

GoToMeeting is well compatible in collaborating with any of the available platforms for video conferencing purposes. This is another best alternative to the Zoom app without any provision of free access. 

Features and Specifications:
  1. Screen and document sharing facilities along with voice calls. 
  2. Dedicated mobile app for Android and iOS.
  3. Connectivity of up to 3000 people via enterprise plans.
  4. Availability of $12, $14, and $19 per month for the paid plans. 
  5. Businesses interested in enterprise plans can contact GoToMeetings support. 
  6. Integration of Office 365 suite for sharing the documents.
  7. The free trial version charges $12 per month.
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5.          Zoho Meeting:

Zoho Meeting even stands when we talk about the best Zoom alternatives for video conferencing. One can even host the webinars under the specified terms and conditions. 

Features and Specifications:
  1. The capability of initiating the audio, video, and screen sharing functionality.
  2. Calendar invitation, phone audio, and recording like features.
  3. $10 per host on per month basis for 10 different recordings and 100 participants.
  4. Meeting schedule, participants inviting, discussing projects, and sharing documents.
  5. Perfectly usable both for the app as well as the browser. 
  6. The webinar plan takes up at $19 per month for a single host.
  7. Permission of inviting 250 attendees and 25 recordings at $79 per month on a per-host basis.   
6.          BlueJeans:

The BlueJeans is another iconic Zoom alternative for video conferencing with some different sets of features. The team can experience the best quality video calling at affordable pricing.

Features and Specifications:
  1.  Applicability of screen recording, personal room, document sharing, and others.
  2. Applicability of accessing the Microsoft Team’s meeting using Cloud Video Interop technology.
  3. The capability of versatile device integration in real-time.
  4. Automatic alerts for the meeting and transcription creation initiatives.
  5. Integration of 25 to 100 participants.
  6. The free trial version for seven days is available just at $9.99 per month.
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Considering the above-mentioned points, one can undoubtedly analyze a wide availability of the Zoom app alternative for video conferencing functionalities.

Why remain consistent with the Zoom app despite the alerts by the renowned international agencies?

Why lose our valuable information and let it go in the vein? Just go ahead for any of the above and choose the best one as per your applicability. 

Adding more to the above, there are several other alternatives to the Zoom app for video conferencing and other associated features.

These include RingCentral, Cisco Webex,, Discord, Meet Now, StarLeaf, Signal, Whereby, FaceTime, and several others. Almost all the available Zoom alternatives have the best video conferencing capabilities and other sets of features. 

Even the Beta version of Indian Government Video Calling App NAMASTE is now live and completely ready to connect the video calls globally. The app incorporates numerous features and capabilities. 

Let’s move ahead and tell the world, you too can think differently and explore something unique. 
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