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Why is it necessary to have censorship of web series?

The honorable judicial systems of India has already released the orders regarding prior reviewing the web series released directly on the online web streaming platforms. Taking into account the viewers complaints and listening to the PIL, it has been strictly directed to regulate the shows and movies before their release. 

Why is it necessary to have censorship of web series?

Instructing towards a PIL filed, the honorable Bombay High Court has strictly advised regarding the setup process of the pre-screening committee in this regard. The PIL mentioned that the streaming of the vulgar talks, and pornographic contents, badly affects the Indian culture. Accordingly, there must be some essential guidelines in terms of censor like scissors to eliminate such contents. 

The online streaming platforms including Netflix, SonyLIV, Hotstar, Alt Balaji decided to move ahead with the self-censorship code. This code lets the streaming platforms restricted from showing the contents that have been banned as per the regulations passed by the Indian Courts. Unlike the mentioned platforms, Amazon did not sign the agreement, mentioning that the existing laws are appropriate in such cases. 

Why is it necessary to have censorship of web series?

But, why is censoring inappropriate in web-series? It will be better to adhere to the judicial instructions and remove the vulgarity. The Netflix first-ever web series with the title 'Sacred Games' faced such consequences owing to the offensive scenes and even the derogatory remarks about one of the former Indian Prime Minister

The web series including 'Sacred Games', 'Mirzapur', 'Gandi Baat', 'MFour More Shots Please', etc, have definitely shown the explicit contents. The viewers include all the age group people including the children as well. Most importantly, it would never be wrong to admit that a country like India is well-known for its culture, pride, respect, and honor. 

Relating the online streaming platforms to the censor boards, there must be censoring provisions of the inappropriate and explicit scenes from the shows and movies. Ultimately, the prime target should be delivering the soulful message towards the Indians. It would really be wrong to say that removing the explicit scenes can deteriorate the businesses. Why put such scenes that need to be removed? The web series producers must take care of the mandatory judicial guidelines as well in this regard. 

Pros and Cons of Censorship Provision in Web-Series


  • The web series and the associated contents over the digital media have already succeeded in getting the wider reach. In such a case, the explicit and violent contents reaching the children leave an adverse effect on their mindsets. 
  • The contents having explicit and violent natures definitely have adverse impacts on the people of all the age groups. The contents seem annoying, and therefore several legal complaints have been filed on the Indian courts. 
  • Nudity and abusive languages promote foreign movie cultures over Indian families. The school-going children and teenagers get badly influenced by such unwanted web series and shows. Ultimately, they bound to lose their concentration over their studies, and get indulged in severe crimes. 


  • The cons of avoiding the censorship on the web-series directly relate to the producer's interest. They never want to lose the originality of the story, and want to present the same in its original format. Actually, they never want to lose their target audience and the people's interest in the storyline. 
  • Rather than letting the viewers watch explicit content, the producers want us to concentrate on the web series' ratings. Ultimately, the rating matter for getting the views on streaming platforms like Netflix, Alt Balaji, and other such platforms. 


To sum up, there are different views of the viewers in this regard concerning the censorship of web series on online streaming platforms. Keeping the Indian culture in our mindset, there should be the provision of censorship in all such formats. Above all, we must follow up on the instructions provided by the honorable judicial systems of India, and thereby abide by the same. 
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