Monday, October 5, 2020

Launching of Paytm Mini App Store for Indian Developers: Exploring Over 300 Apps without Download

Introduction to Paytm Mini App Store Launch

Paytm Mini App Store is here to serve the Indian Developers to explore the listed apps without any additional download. The update has been announced today on Monday, October 5th, 2020.

Even the Indian brand monsters including Ola and Domino's are likely to roar in the list with user-centric comforts. 

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The prime motive behind the launch of the Paytm Mini App Store is to assist small businesses and startups in India to set up affordable apps without any use of the programming languages. There will never be any necessity of moving ahead by mastering the JavaScript and HTML like languages. 

There will not be any availability of the native and the developer tools, Paytm will be hosting the links to PWAs i.e. Progressive Web Applications. These are considered extremely light apps to get executed within the web browser without any installation procedures. 

Features and Highlights of Paytm Mini App Store

  1. Small businesses will find the platform interesting to acquire technological developments without any use of the programming languages. 
  2. Availability of the compatibilities to develop the easy to build apps and access them comfortably within the smartphones. 
  3. The apps will open up within a window inside the Paytm app itself without any necessity for the other software. The listing will be made completely free by Paytm. 
  4. The free payment avenues will be provided to the developers by the means of Paytm wallet, Paytm UPI, and Paytm Payments Bank. 
  5. The payments using the credit cards will be done at 2% extra charges. 
  6. The developers will be able to view their dashboard with diverse features and specifications including the information of payment collection and various marketing tools for promotional purposes. 
  7. The beta testing phase of the app has even encountered the engagement of over 12 million visits in the month of September 2020. 
  8. The apps including EMI Calculator, AQI Monitor MozoPizza, Horoscope, etc have already been populated along with the platform. 
  9. The different app-based service providers have already joined the Paytm Mini App Store. Few among them include NetMeds, Domino's Pizza, FreshMenu, NoBroker, Ola, and others as well. 

How to Access the Paytm Mini App Store

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  1. Click to open the Paytm app using your smartphone. 
  2. Click on the option Show More on the home page of the Paytm app. 
  3. Get direct access via the interface and utilize the facilities of making the payments using the app without any download like activities. 
Paytm was recently pulled out of the Google Play Store for violating a few of Google's policies. Google later made it clear that the Paytm was pulled out of the platform for violating the content rules. However, Paytm managed to get inside the platform after overcoming the hassles. 
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